Mists and Melodies: Episode 3 – Story of fury

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Tony opened the sun roof of his car. He was in a great mood. The kind of mood that makes you just want to enjoy nature and its view. Apart from the massive erection he had, the night was going perfectly. Everything has worked according to plan. His upper lip cricked as he let out his satisfied smile. It had taken a great deal of courage to leave her like that. Her body was breathtaking, if he wasn’t on this schedule, he could imagine how many rounds they would have gone.

A frown crept up on his face, this boner wont just go away easily. He might as well find how to relieve himself.  Tony, reached his hand to the pigeon hole to get his phone, then he felt it. Moving his car to the side of the road, he looked down to be sure of what he had felt. Her key.
Shit! Not tonight. He hit the steering wheel in frustration. How the hell did she forget her keys in his car? He cursed under his breath. Making a U turn, he smiled, He might as well indulge himself a little.

I sat on the front steps of my apartment. MTN had thought it wise to join in the annoying charade. I had tried calling him a million times, all to no avail.
“I believe these belong to you”, Tony said at my elbow, his voice still soft and polite, a direct contrast to how I felt.
I turned around and snatched the keys from his hand, jamming them into the lock and twisting violently.
“Thanks are in order, aren’t they?”
I ignored him and continued trying to open the door. It didn’t help that my hands were full, and so it took some time for me to open both the lock and the padlock across the door.

“I’m sorry”, Tony said, coming up behind me and placing his hand on my shoulders. I stiffened at his touch. He may have noticed it, because he took his hands away.
“I’m sorry”, he said again.
“Listen, you bastard, I meant what I said when I said I never wanted to see you again. Kindly get lost.”
“Please accept my apology, and then I’ll leave”, he said.
“I don’t care what you feel. Get the fuck out of my life and never come back again.” I paused in the doorway, part in, part out of the apartment. “You bloody son of a bitch. Go fuck yourself.”
Tony’s eyes narrowed. “What did you say?”
“I said you should go fuck yourself, and I meant it too.”
“No, before that. I believe you called me a son of a bitch”
“Yes I did. What are you going to do about that?”
“Nobody calls me a son of a bitch. That’s an insult to my mother”, he said, his voice dangerously clipped.
“Well I did, and I damn well meant that too. In fact I’ll say it again. You’re a bloody son of a…”

I didn’t see his hand moving until it connected with my face. The world exploded in bright reds, blacks and whites, and a ringing started in my ears, increasing until it was the pitch and frequency of a train whistle. The pain was a few milliseconds behind, and when it arrived, it came with the force of an out-of-control vehicle, overwhelming my nerve fibres completely. All these happened in about half a second. In the next half-second, I was screaming and going for his throat, as instinct and my previous life as a tomboy combined to drive my actions. I swung wildly with both my bag and my free hand, and connected with both. My nails caught him on his neck just below the chin, and my bag impacted near his eye. I grunted in satisfaction as his eyes watered and blood rose to the surface of the scratches on his neck, but my happiness was short-lived.

Grabbing a handful of my hair, Tony shoved me into the apartment and kicked the door closed behind him, locking it one-handed and pocketing the key. I screamed in pain, but his only response was to shove me against the wall and deliver another slap to my face.
“You cunt. Look at my face” he screamed.

I twisted away and aimed a knee at his groin. It connected solidly, and Tony let go of me, sinking to his knees and holding his wounded privates. I took advantage of his incapacitation and ran to the kitchen both to put as much distance between us as possible and to see if I could get a weapon. Tony was still groaning as my hands closed around a chopping board and a knife. I was panting and out of breath with my head still ringing from the slaps, but I grabbed them and turned back toward the living area and Tony. I wasn’t looking where I was going, so focused was I on Tony, and I couldn’t break my fall when the heel of my sandal caught in the carpet. I felt a sharp, short pain as my head struck the arm of the chair, and then a deep darkness covered me as I passed out.

Something was being poured on my face, valuable raindrops bringing me back to consciousness. I sat up groggily, my neck head still aching from the fall and the slaps. As I focused my eyes on Bimpe, my flatmate,  everything came rushing back to me, and the hate that came over me was so powerful that I almost didn’t notice I was naked. Bimpe smirked at me as I tried to cover my nakedness with my hands.

“Babe, wetin you drink?, and what in gods name happened here?”, Bimpe asked, looking suspiciously around the scattered living room.

“Fuck! The bastard. That bastard! He did this to me?”, I said, looking at my naked body,  half accusing and half asking.
” I met you like this, reeking of alcohol. Which bastard are you talking about? Tina, oya start talking”, Bimpe pulled a stool closer and sat, with that look that said, ” This better be good”.

I scrambled for my bag, ransacking it for my phone and speedily called Tony.

Tony picked at the first ring,

“Missing me already?”, he said in a condesending tone.
“You filthy bastard! What did fuck did you do to me?”, I yelled into the phone unable to contain my anger
“Calm down tiger, I only did the things you were begging me to do to you, remember?”, He muffled a laugh as he spoke
“What the fuck? Are you mad? I swear to God I will fuck you up in this school, I will reduce you to the barest minimum, I will…”, I screamed at the top of my voice, my body visibly shaking.

Bimpe jumped up and held me to calm me down. She collected the phone from me and spoke to Tony.
” Hello, this is Bimpe on the line, who the fuck are you?”
“Hello Superhero, check the fucking caller ID and stop asking me dumb questions,” He hissed
“Fool, what do you want?”, Bimpe spat in irritation.
“Since you have turned yourself to mouth piece, you might as well pass this message across to Tina”, 

Tony began,

“On this phone and freshly uploaded on my Dropbox account are more pictures of her naked than there are patterns on your carpet. I got her from every angle, and there are more than enough of her with her face showing to ruin her in this school for good. If you think I’m bluffing, I suggest you check her Twitter profile header.”

“What do you mea…”

“Shut the fuck up and listen to me. I never want to talk to either of you again. I would have preferred not to even see you at all, but this school is too small for that. I’ll manage not talking to you. The day she as much as nods at me, be prepared to see her nudes on every notice board in school in full colour. I doubt she ever will be able to live that down”.

“Please, Tony. Don’t do this. We’l do whatever you want.” Bimpe’s face went pale as she spoke. My heart was beating different drum processions

“Of course you will. I have 35 pictures and 2 videos here that say y’al will”, he said, sardonically. “So, do we have a deal or is she ready to trend on Twitter?”
“Do I have a choice?’
“No, you don’t. It was nice doing business with you. And also tell her that although I suffered bodily harm. I’m not sure if my penis still works, but as I look forward to wanking to her nudes, I will know soon enough. Aurevoir”, he said cheerfully, and ended the call.

Bimpe mechanically sat down on the sofa, looked me square in the eye
“Tina, we have a problem. Call Ada now”