You’ve Lost Me


This is not a poem, this has no artistic touch whatsoever. It’s as plain as it can be. This is for anybody that can relate to this on this day of Love.

There was a time
You had my attention
Breathing only when you commanded
My decisions centered around you
Love letters I wrote, one for each passing day
Pouring passion into words and heartbeat in ink

Then I saw you
Far away from the starting line of the race
I was a lone runner
No one to pass the baton to
You could care less
I really didn’t matter as much anymore,
Heck! I doubt if I ever mattered.
Lone runner in a relay race

Pushing me away at every turn still I held on,
Love blinded my reasoning,
Tossing away my pride I begged you not to discard me,
I lost myself, lost my voice.

Walking on eggshells,
I scampered carefully to hold us together
The leather of my skin turned into a band to tie us together
Washing away the pain with my blood

“Sorry” how I loathe that word!
Too quick, you were to say it
Hardly were you ever truly sorry.
I lingered and loved and fought battles in my head

Here I am, conceding defeat
But it feels like victory
The love I have for you is beginning to go cold
The veil is getting lifted from my eyes
I think again, I live again for me

There was a time you had my attention
Breathing only when you commanded….
Now, you are a second thought.

My tummy doesn’t tie in a knot when I see your messages anymore,
I don’t get angry when I see you flirt openly, it used to irk me, now it amuses me
You are no longer worth fighting for.

We could have been, you know.
We had everything we needed except ofcourse we didn’t have you.
Maybe you were afraid to love, or you just didn’t want to love me.

I tried, you know i did.
You would rather follow the mirage that the Internet space gave you.
Rather give handles the compliments I was dying to hear
Have conversations with contacts, when all I wanted was to listen to you.

You didn’t even notice when I began to learn to live without you.
When I showed up sparingly at where used to be my home.
When I didn’t care for a goodbye kiss or a hug or even a walk.

Now we live in formalities,
Pretending that we care about each other as we ought.
The “hey” and routine questions about your day and food.
Talking about surface things, and really nothing at all.
Maybe it’s up to one of us to close the door, I’d suggest you.
You’ve gotten a ton of practice.

Time they say heals all wounds,
time has been kind to me.
Wounds are closing up, the marks are fading.
If you walk away today, I’d bid you adieu cos now I’m certain that you’ve lost me.

Happy Valentines Day

With Sugary Love…..


What Women Want.

SavedPicture-2014610124851.jpgIts SugaRush! Been a while we posted. We know and we love you too.

This post is a service to the MALE Race!

Y’all always complaining about how you don’t understand women.
This post gives you a peep hole view into our world.

Ladies, lets tell em what we want.

Written by: Oluwabori @Queenish_B
What women want from men?

It’s not about material things…Well, for me it’s not.

I want my man to profess me as his own to whoever and whenever.
Too much to ask? Nah.
That’s love.
I want his friends to already know who I am (your woman) even before I meet them.

I want my man to be able to protect me. It’s terrible to be with someone who can’t stand up for you. Tf is you a man for? My girlfriends can do better. I want to know anyone who disregards me has earned the risk of getting obliterated by MY MAN.

Now, attention. I WANT HIS ATTENTION. I don’t want to message you and get a “Aii” reply 7hrs later. You’re too busy to reply? Call or sms ” Babe, a lil busy now. talk to u soon. Love.”
When I call you, i want your attention. Don’t start giving me attitude over the phone because one of your lil girls are there.
I’m mad at you and you don’t even ask to know why or you pretend not to notice I’m mad? That’s just going to make me more mad.
Attend to me, I’m calling for your attention.

Respect my feelings. Yes, I have feelings too. Know what you say and how you say them. Learn not to transfer your aggressions. I know your hurt, I’m trying to help you here so don’t get us both hurt. I wronged you? I know so don’t go all ballistic on me.

Wait, let me add this.
I don’t want to beg to be on his display picture and be talked about on social networks. Yh yh, show-off. If you can talk about you on there, why can’t you talk about me too? Am I not a part of you?
Don’t give me the cock and bull story of how you can’t start explaining to certain people on your contacts why there’s a picture of you and your girlfriend up but few days after y’all break up you’re quick to use a picture of yourself and another babe.

Wait? Did you suddenly delete ” have to explain” people off your list? Wow!

*drops mic and walks off*


There you have it!

Ladies, if there are other things you want from our men. Feel free to use the comment box.