Mists and Melodies: Episode 2

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This series was put together by:
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Episode 2: Played at your own game.

Davidos ‘Skelewu’ was playing softly from the speakers and we were gently, if absent-mindedly swaying to the music. Tony had suggested coming here on our way back from the movies, and I had to admit he had great taste in bars. Even better than his taste in bars was this bar’s taste in bar men. This one had provided us a steady stream of liquid refreshment, and considering the rush of happy hour, I was impressed by his attention to detail and prompt service.

Tony glanced at me over the top of his glass, and I smiled back. My hunches were correct. Beneath the shy exterior, there was a very interesting man. His practical jokes and quick wit had kept me laughing over the last few weeks, and he was very good, head-turning company. The only problem I had with him was his shyness, and in spite of all my barely concealed signals, he had refused to take the hint. It was going to end soon.

The light from behind the bar fell on both our faces, bathing us in its pale glow. I had to play this just right. I looked at Tony slyly, my face not showing any trace of the plans I was making.
“So”, I said, coolly taking a sip of my vodka and lime, “how many drinks would it take you to leave with me?”
We were sitting at one of those old fashioned bars, the ones with the high bar stools and Formica bar top. He almost fell from his stool at my question. He shot his hand out for balance, almost upsetting his drink. I looked at him, unperturbed.
“I’m serious. How many drinks would it take you to leave with me? I have all day”
“Hey!! That’s my line. I should be saying that”
“Well, you certainly took long enough. Now I am saying it. Sorry”
“Are you going to answer or not?”
Tony looked me over carefully, warily. “Are you drunk?”
“Answer my question”

Tony looked at his watch and jumped down from his stool. “Come on. It’s getting late. Let’s get you home”
He helped me down from my stool and I staggered a little on my high heeled slippers. I had to admit that I was getting a little tipsy, and I would have fallen if Tony hadn’t thrown his hands around me and caught me. As he rummaged around in his pocket to pay the bar man, I pressed myself against him, flattening my full 34D cup breasts against his chest and side. I was rewarded with a deep, throaty groan, and I could see the beginnings of an erection through his trousers. I smiled. This night was going to be a long night for him.

We walked out together, his rock-steady hand round my back supporting my staggering frame, and we got into his car in the darkened car park. As he reached for his seat belt, I shot a hand out onto his crotch, leaning across to whisper hotly in his ear.
“You still haven’t answered my question”

His erection rapidly increased beneath my hand, his throbbing dick threatening to burst through the material of his jeans. His breath caught as he tried to look away, tried to avoid eye contact with me. He wasn’t successful.
I slowly, deliberately undid the top 3 buttons of my shirt, presenting him a view of black, lacy bra and round, full breasts. I climbed over the gearshift and sat on his laps, a position made uncomfortable by the confined space of the car. My gown hitched up my thighs and his eyes ran up my legs, coming to rest at a point just below my panties where it stopped.

“I know you want to fuck me. I can see it in your eyes, clear as day. Why don’t you admit it?” I asked, whispering huskily into his ear.
He gulped heavily but remained silent.
“Go ahead, admit….”

My sentence was swallowed by his mouth as it closed around mine. All my thinking was cut off as his bottom lip parted mine and his beard slowly, pleasurably teased my face. I kissed him back slowly, enjoying the softness of his lips on mine. He was a really good kisser, and I felt myself melting under his touch as his tongue danced around with mine and explored my mouth. His kiss became hungrier, demanding, and his hands began exploring my body, going from my neck to just under my bra. My heart raced wildly, propelled by the contrast between the softness of his lips and the slight calluses on his hand as he gently liberated my heavy, full breasts from my bra and cupped them in his palm. I gasped and my nipples hardened instantly, and I arched my back and groaned as he caressed each nipple with a thumb, his mouth still teasing mine.

He continued tracing his slow rhythmic circles on my breasts, and I felt myself about to burst. I was stunned at how quickly he had transformed from shy gentleman to master of the Kamasutra. I groaned again, and suddenly he took his mouth off from mine.
“Shhhh. Don’t say anything. Let me handle this”, he said, as he took a nipple in his mouth.

My brain was throwing off fireworks as his tongue flicked up and down over my nipples and areola. A tingle ran up my spine, and I groaned in pleasurable anguish. This was torture of the good and wonderful type, and I bit down on my lips to keep from screaming. Tony shifted his mouth to the second nipple and bit down softly, simultaneously licking and sucking with his tongue. The combination of pain and pleasure was too much, and the fireworks in my head grew to become a violent explosion. I shuddered in ecstasy as he continued his ministrations on the altar of my breasts. Somehow, I was conscious of him sliding one hand up my skirt and shifting my panties to the side.
“I see you are wet”

He returned his mouth to my nipples and slowly, patiently began to do what he was doing on my nipples down under. His fingers deftly removed my panties and began to trace a pattern through the wetness of my exposed hotspot. He suddenly lifted me off his laps and into the passenger’s seat, placing my leg such that I faced him in all my naked glory. He shifted his mouth to my vagina and began teasing it with his lips and tongue. His gentle bites, yanks and kisses shattered my fragile control. I screamed as a powerful orgasm ripped through the fabric of my body, my flailing leg narrowly avoiding his head.

Tony continued teasing me, his mouth now joined by his fingers. I couldn’t take it anymore.
“Please, take me”, I groaned in a frantic whisper.
“I thought I told you not to say a word”, he replied, his voice muffled, and his lips making no move to stop.

He slid two fingers into me, and I jerked reflexively, my pussy gratefully accepting them. Slowly at first and then more rapidly, he began to finger me, his strokes alternatively deep and shallow.
Suddenly, without any sign, he stood up and raised his head from me, his eyes holding a mischievous twinkle. I felt liquid, anticipatory fire in my belly as his hand went to his jeans. Without a word, he picked up his car keys from where they had fallen on the seat and started the engine, his eyes laughing at my confusion.
“What are you doing?” is asked, my mind trying to process his actions.
“I told you not to talk. This is your punishment for talking”.

My heart beat a crazy tattoo as I tried to process his words. Surely he was not going to leave me this way after leading me up the plateau of ecstasy.
“Please”, I groaned. “Don’t do this to me”

He laughed slowly as he engaged the car in gear and reversed slowly from his slot, his eyes still twinkling. “You’ve been a bad girl. You’re gonna learn today”
My lips pressed together in anger as I realized he was serious. I swung my feet and sat upright in the passenger seat, looking at him with barely concealed rage.
“You bastard! Take me home”, I said angrily.
“My place or yours?” he asked, the effects of the slap barely showing on his face.
I looked at him with eyes that could melt metal. “Take me home. Where the fuck do you think is home?”
He swung onto the road, his eyes still tingling in amusement. I sat smouldering with my arms across my chest in the passenger seat, itching to lean over and strangle him. The bastard.

The nerve of him! My anger was barely under control when he pulled up at the door of my apartment. I stuffed my panties into my clutch purse and jammed my into my sandals, doing my best to smooth down my skirt and hair before opening the door.
“So”, he said, making no move to get up,”bye”
“Bye. I was serious back there”
My mouth opened in shock as I realized he wasn’t just teasing. “You’re a bastard and a fucking tease, and I hope never to see you again”
“Fucking tease? Is pun intended?”
“Fuck you”
He held on to my arm as I made to open the door. “You know, I never answered your question”.
I shot him daggers with my eyes and yanked my arm from his grip. I pushed the door open and stood shivering in the night air as I leaned in to him.
“Don’t ever call me again. I hate you”
“Is that you talking or just the embarrassment?”
“Ugggh”, I said, as I slammed the door and walked off in high fury to my house as he drove off behind me.

Embarrassment threatened to kill me. The idiot. Taking me for a ride and leaving me hanging. I increased my pace. I needed to get into my house and cry my tears of shame.
I rummaged in my purse for my keys, my anger mounting as I discovered they weren’t in the purse. I kicked the door angrily. They must have fallen off when I stuffed my panties into the purse in Tony’s car.
The night just couldn’t get any worse.


Mists and Melodies: Episode 1

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This series was put together by:
@MercySuga_Rush and @ToluBablo, he blogs at Rancho’s blog. You should check it out! 😊
Welcome to Mists and Melodies.
Episode 1: The Chase

The beautiful woman seated across the room from me looked up suddenly and gave a knowing smile, her even ivory teeth contrasting beautifully with the slightly darker tone of her face and accentuated by the shocking red lipstick she wore. My face flushed, and I looked down hastily to cover my embarrassment. Yet again, she had caught me staring. I fiddled with some books, taking care not to look in her general direction until the embarrassment I felt passed away. I felt stupid every time she caught me, but still I couldn’t stop myself from staring at her. I remained head down, face burning, even when loud applause and shuffling feet signaled the end of the meeting. A shadow fell across me, and reluctantly I raised my face to meet her smiling face…

This meeting is going crazy. I have sat through more than my fair share of mind-numbing and annoying meetings, but this one certainly ranks near the top of the list. Congresses were always the worst, especially when a big program is just 10 days away. After my presentation as the head of the planning committee, I had thrown the floor open to the other members of the executive council and legislative body to table their ideas, and while at the time it seemed like a smart thing to do, allowing members to criticize and comment on the proposal that our hired consultant had presented, it quickly degenerated into a shouted, heated argument. I gave up trying to control them and walked to my seat, leaving the meeting in the hands of the president. He was, after all, the head of the executive body.

I was doodling in my sketch pad when I felt eyes on me. Somewhere in my subconscious, I knew someone was looking at me. I raised my head slowly, unobtrusively, and saw his reflection in the screen beside me. He was staring quite openly at me. I whipped around and caught his eyes on me. I chuckled. He was a cute one, this starrer. His eyes sparkled behind a thick pair of glasses, and his face was framed by a luxuriant beard. I had always been a sucker for beards, and this one was almost making me drool. I rubbed my fingers. He was delicious, this one.

He caught me watching him and looked away. I chuckled softly. He was a shy one, this one. I would have to do this myself. I was not about to allow the small matter of correct social protocol detract me from meeting this gorgeous hunk. I’m a firm believer in gender equality: if the attraction is mutual and he doesn’t make the first move; make it, social convention be damned. Life is too short to keep waiting for guys to make the first move all the time. That’s how old hags are created: they wait for the men they admire to make the first move while other younger, faster girls charm their ways into the men’s admiration.

I did not get to where I am now by being a ‘slacker’. All I’ve achieved in life is as a result of being proactive and forceful. Of course my beauty helped, as did my invention and creativity, but for the most part, it was me taking charge of my life. Once when my single mother started vomiting blood, I carried her to the hospital in the dead of the night and created a scene until the doctors on duty had to treat her, even though we didn’t have any money and I was only 15. When my WAEC results were withheld, I had marched into their offices and demanded an audience with the official in charge, even though I was only 16 and had no appointment. When my admission into university was delayed, I had gone to the office of the admissions officer. When that failed, I went to her husband’s office wearing my most revealing dress and begged him to talk to his wife. All my life I had created my own way and gotten what I wanted. Now, as I looked at this fine specimen of male humanity, I felt the same way I felt on all the other times I had to assert myself.

I glance across at him again. He’s still looking at me, and again, he hides his head when he catches me looking. I smile. The shy ones are the easiest. All they need is firm guidance, and like my guy Ice Prince would say,”I excel at providing guidance, counselor”. I know his type. He’ll keep staring without ever summoning the courage to walk up to me, and he’s too handsome to just ignore. At the very least, he’ll provide a better option for the next few days than that pseudo-boyfriend I have. It is worth a shot.

The meeting is winding up. The president is saying some drivel about the time for the next meeting tomorrow as we rise to our feet, but I’m not listening. I make a beeline through the crowd towards where he still sits head down. He’s obviously still embarrassed and is probably waiting for me to leave the room before he stands up. Hahaha. If only he knew. I smile as I look down at him. Even his haircut is perfect.

“Hi”, I whisper softly in his ear………