Lagos Dance Exhibition 

​Lagos  at  50  celebrations  continue  with the  Lagos  Dance  Exhibition Contrary  to the  information  that  the  Lagos  at  50 celebrations  have  come  to  an  end, Lagos State remains  in  a  celebratory  mode throughout  the  year  2017,  and  this  is evident  in  the  upcoming  event; The Lagos  Dance  Exhibition;  this  is undoubtedly  the  biggest  dance  show  of 2017,  where  the  A-list Choreographers and  dancers  in  Nigeria,  will  be converging  to  celebrate  Lagos. This spectacular  event  will  feature  breath-taking  performances  in  different  styles and  genres,  put together  by renowned choreographers  such  as  Bimbo Obafunwa,  Wale  ‘rubber’,  Lovette Otegbola, Victor  Phullu,  Gbenga  Yusuf, Frank  Knowea,  Captain  Quest,  Lilian Yeri,  Qudus  Onikeku,  Sani,  Ijodee, amongst  a  Plethora  of  Others.   

This unique  exhibition  will  also  feature  the renowned  Nobel  Laureate  Professor  Wole  Soyinka,  as  well as  other  actors,  such  as  Debbie  Ohiri,  and  William  Benson. 

According  to  the  Artistic  and  Creative  Directors,  Bimbo  Obafunwa  and  Wale  rubber,  the  all-star dancers,  and  choreographers  will  be choreographing  and  performing  pieces  that  tell  different  but connected  stories  about  the  great  city  of  Lagos,  and  there  will  be  showcase  performances  going  on  all around  the  Terra  Kulture  Facility  from  midday  APART  FROM the  TWO  showings  of  the  exhibition  at 3pm  and  6pm,  these  unprecedented  and  epic  exhibition  will  feature  dance  pieces  chronicling different  aspects  of  the  fantastic  city  of  Lagos. And  they  aptly  titled  it,  @harold1723 

THE LAGOS DANCE EXHIBITION,  or  LDX. And  you  guessed  right,  it  will  be  going  down  at  the  TERRA  KULTURE  ARENA  on  Tiamiyu  Savage  Street, Victoria  Island,  Lagos,  on  the  17th  of  June  2017.  Exhibition  starts  at  3pm  and  6pm.   Dance  has  bloomed  and  blossomed  exponentially  over  the  last  decade,  and  the  Lagos  State Government  has  graciously  added  an  exhibition  of  the  finest  Lagos  has  to  offer  to  the  festivities surrounding  LAGOS  AT  50!

 LDX  is  powered  by  the  Lagos  State Government,  produced  by  Corporate Dance  World,  and  supported by  SPAN Nigeria,  and  Terra  Kulture. 

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