Mists and Melodies: Episode 1

Hey Guys! Its SugaRush 😁. I promised you that there would be a new series. We have been working tirelessly to put this amazing series together and We do hope that you enjoy it.
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Welcome to Mists and Melodies.
Episode 1: The Chase

The beautiful woman seated across the room from me looked up suddenly and gave a knowing smile, her even ivory teeth contrasting beautifully with the slightly darker tone of her face and accentuated by the shocking red lipstick she wore. My face flushed, and I looked down hastily to cover my embarrassment. Yet again, she had caught me staring. I fiddled with some books, taking care not to look in her general direction until the embarrassment I felt passed away. I felt stupid every time she caught me, but still I couldn’t stop myself from staring at her. I remained head down, face burning, even when loud applause and shuffling feet signaled the end of the meeting. A shadow fell across me, and reluctantly I raised my face to meet her smiling face…

This meeting is going crazy. I have sat through more than my fair share of mind-numbing and annoying meetings, but this one certainly ranks near the top of the list. Congresses were always the worst, especially when a big program is just 10 days away. After my presentation as the head of the planning committee, I had thrown the floor open to the other members of the executive council and legislative body to table their ideas, and while at the time it seemed like a smart thing to do, allowing members to criticize and comment on the proposal that our hired consultant had presented, it quickly degenerated into a shouted, heated argument. I gave up trying to control them and walked to my seat, leaving the meeting in the hands of the president. He was, after all, the head of the executive body.

I was doodling in my sketch pad when I felt eyes on me. Somewhere in my subconscious, I knew someone was looking at me. I raised my head slowly, unobtrusively, and saw his reflection in the screen beside me. He was staring quite openly at me. I whipped around and caught his eyes on me. I chuckled. He was a cute one, this starrer. His eyes sparkled behind a thick pair of glasses, and his face was framed by a luxuriant beard. I had always been a sucker for beards, and this one was almost making me drool. I rubbed my fingers. He was delicious, this one.

He caught me watching him and looked away. I chuckled softly. He was a shy one, this one. I would have to do this myself. I was not about to allow the small matter of correct social protocol detract me from meeting this gorgeous hunk. I’m a firm believer in gender equality: if the attraction is mutual and he doesn’t make the first move; make it, social convention be damned. Life is too short to keep waiting for guys to make the first move all the time. That’s how old hags are created: they wait for the men they admire to make the first move while other younger, faster girls charm their ways into the men’s admiration.

I did not get to where I am now by being a ‘slacker’. All I’ve achieved in life is as a result of being proactive and forceful. Of course my beauty helped, as did my invention and creativity, but for the most part, it was me taking charge of my life. Once when my single mother started vomiting blood, I carried her to the hospital in the dead of the night and created a scene until the doctors on duty had to treat her, even though we didn’t have any money and I was only 15. When my WAEC results were withheld, I had marched into their offices and demanded an audience with the official in charge, even though I was only 16 and had no appointment. When my admission into university was delayed, I had gone to the office of the admissions officer. When that failed, I went to her husband’s office wearing my most revealing dress and begged him to talk to his wife. All my life I had created my own way and gotten what I wanted. Now, as I looked at this fine specimen of male humanity, I felt the same way I felt on all the other times I had to assert myself.

I glance across at him again. He’s still looking at me, and again, he hides his head when he catches me looking. I smile. The shy ones are the easiest. All they need is firm guidance, and like my guy Ice Prince would say,”I excel at providing guidance, counselor”. I know his type. He’ll keep staring without ever summoning the courage to walk up to me, and he’s too handsome to just ignore. At the very least, he’ll provide a better option for the next few days than that pseudo-boyfriend I have. It is worth a shot.

The meeting is winding up. The president is saying some drivel about the time for the next meeting tomorrow as we rise to our feet, but I’m not listening. I make a beeline through the crowd towards where he still sits head down. He’s obviously still embarrassed and is probably waiting for me to leave the room before he stands up. Hahaha. If only he knew. I smile as I look down at him. Even his haircut is perfect.

“Hi”, I whisper softly in his ear………