Hey guys, it’s Teebabsy!!

I know it’s been a “Zillion years” since I last wrote but Law school is no joke. 

I sure have missed it. 

Happy International Women’s day. 

Today’s post is one dear to my heart. Old but gold!! Found it when I was digging through my archives. 

Everyone has at one point in time been in those situations where we question everything; our worth, our beliefs & ideals. 

This post is an exposé of how being in such “a place” really feels & a reminder that we all deserve to be happy. 

No one should ever have to endure that 


Only fools rush in they warned 

I would be different I thought

If only I knew I would be just like the rest

Love struck & desperate for a happy ever after 

I have become the laughing stock 

People call me Stupid 

But I am not 

I see it all you know 

How you make me doubt myself 

How I never seem to get it right 

How you constantly remind me you could do better 

I see it all 

How you belittle my demands for attention or “mutual respect”

How I constantly have to beg you to listen 

How I have to be sorry for everything 

Even those times that you hurt me 

I see it all 

How I’ve become the crazy lady 

In love with someone who doesn’t love her back 

I see it all 

How I selflessly & unconditionally care for you 

And you throw it back in my face 

I see it all 

How I give in to your ego 

Just to make you feel like a man 

I see it all 

How I play the puppet

Just to watch you pull the strings 

I see it all 

How you toy with my emotions 

And prophesy love in the end 

I see it all 

Those text messages and pictures 

Even the lacy lingerie in the corners of your wardrobe 

I see it all

How It sometimes feels like I float this ship for two 

I see it all 

How much I’m HURTING

How sickening this is

I see it all 

How much I know I deserve better 

Someone who loves me just as much 

One who reminds me how lucky he is to have me 

I see it all 

How desperately I want to be OVER you

How I want to say;

Adieu, to you this unrequited love 

Sadly, the irony is I’m still in love with you 

I see it all 

Except the day I bid us farewell 

So Take a bow Cupid, this one’s on you. 


With Sugary Love…

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