Nothing Weird..

Hey guys, it’s SugaRush. So I wrote this piece for an event, “Chocolate Bars and Cocaine lines” organized by Creative Central. Here it goes! 

No, I’m not in love with you. 

I’m in knowledge of you. 

You see, I knew you’d look at me that way. 

I followed you on Instagram, not because looking at your brown eyes smiling at me, stops my heartbeat

Your dark translucent skin, covering my shame with its light. 

You see, I needed to know

What makes you tick? 

What makes you laugh so hard, your eyes turn red? 

Like the time, you and Gbemi went for the opening of the Amusement park and you went on that deliriously scary ride, You laughed so hard, mucus flew out of your nose.

That was in 2012 or 2013?….

No, I didn’t see that on your Facebook timeline, even though i watched it wayyyyyyyyy more times than appropriate, I was actually there. I came with you. I needed to gather Intel on how to say hi to you. 

Which I eventually did in 2014. 

You see, we got to know each other so well in those years. I knew your uncontrollable craving for icecream, your immense hate for animals, mostly dogs. 

How you always stroll to James spot every night to get indomie. 

“2 small indomie, 2 fried eggs, 1 chicken, James give me lap o! And a bottle of water” 

Same thing, every night. 

Hey, no it wasn’t just me that got to know you. You got to know me too

Remember the times you’d check your window because you thought someone was looking at you? 

The nights you’d wake up from sleep because you felt one’s eyes starring deep into your dreams? 

The times you’d look over your shoulders because your body felt the heat of another around you? You see you got to know me.

I have other things to do with my time, come on! 

Like write out everything I saw, relive your memories in my head, look at the pictures that I took during the day, and send you anonymous texts. 

I don’t follow you about all day, it’s purely coincidence that I changed my faculty in 200 level, and so we happen to have the same academic schedule. 

Come on! You can’t honestly be afraid of me.

I’m harmless. 

How dare you say that? I AM NOT A STALKER!

Maybe slightly obsessed, it’s nothing out of the ordinary. 

Nothing weird here. 

I just need Intel on how to have a conversation with you in 2018. 
PS: please tell Gbemi that she should stop making you wear blue, i don’t like that color. And I really don’t want to have her silenced, the way I did to Ann, the one that everyone blamed on cultists killing. 


Hi guys

Teebabsy here 

Over the past couple of weeks, a lot happened, I was involved in various conversations and I heard certain snide remarks about us females and our place. 

So today’s post was inspired by those events. 

A giver and Carrier of life 

Not just a reproductive machine 

With a lot of dreams and aspirations 

Emotional, Warm & sometimes over the edge

I define and create my own path 

Stronger than the whips and chains with which society enslaves me 

My destiny is not tied to a kitchen stove 

My worth should not be measured by how many lumps my pounded yam possesses 

Far greater than perky breasts or the pleasure found beneath my thighs 

Smart, Bold & Beautiful 

I will not dumb down myself to be tagged “suitable” by men 

I am entitled to my own opinions

I should not have to apologise for success

The presence or absence of that rock on my finger shouldn’t define me or measure my happiness 

A complete Entity 
With or Without a Man 

With Sugary Love…


Hey you! Yes You! 

Your love for me should be stronger than the force of the Antarctic sweeping me off my feet but firm enough to keep me on solid ground 

Love that is mine should make me forget every “life lesson” that I thought was my Prince Charming 

I want you to know that it wasn’t easy taking this journey with you 

The left over pieces of a gutted heart hoping to heal was what I gave to you 

I want to be told that I am good enough every single day 

I do not want to become the “YES” woman 

I don’t want to be told how to sit, smile, act, or laugh before I am accepted & loved 

Mama always said, the right one would love you just as you are 

I want the love that I’ve so desperately longed for 

Love that knows I’m not perfect & doesn’t expect me to be 

Love that prays with and even for me 

Love that puts me above ego & loves me back in greater measure

Love that truly & deeply cares for me 

Love that gives me guarantee that even on rainy days, you love me even much deeper than the first time 

Love that wouldn’t turn my emotions into a light switch flipping it on and off at its pleasure 

Love that doesn’t condescend or throw in my face how insignificant my exit would be 

Love that feels my pain  

Love that trusts

Love that is my best friend 

Love that understands 

Love that forgives & doesn’t repay in its own coin  

Love that erases the scars not one that creates fresh ones

Love that appreciates me

Love that makes me feel like a queen not a burden 

Love that hugs and hold me during cold nights 

Love that re assures me 

Love that makes every tear shed over an ex worth it 

Love that gives life meaning 

Love that gives hope 

Love that strengthens 

Love that makes me believe in Love again 

For now, Maybe love is just at war with me. 


With Sugary Love