Catching Up With Time

Hey guys, 

Teebabsy’s here šŸ˜Š

This poem was inspired by Titilope Shonuga ( IG- @deartitilope). She’s an amazing poet that inspires me daily. 

She ran an exercise on her page & this is so late but I gave it a go. It’s a poem to my future self. 



Are you genuinely happy?

Do you smile often? Not the masked ones but those deep felt that bring out your dimples

Do you still snort when you laugh in a room then leave embarrassed when all eyes are upon you?

Did you finally take that career risk with your new found “love”?

Starting must’ve been quite difficult but you made it right?

Did you finally play golf on a Monday morning? 

Travelling the world was top on your list, how much fun did you have? 

I hope you never settled for less than you deserved 

I hope life never made you bitter 

Tell me, Was Falling in love with him the best decision you made?

Was he worth letting go of all the pain and the hurt? 

Marriage wasn’t as scary as you thought now, was it? 

Waking up to the love of your life each morning, was it all you had imagined or even much more? 

Does he remind you daily that you’re just right for him?

Motherhood sure has grown on you. Did you finally have your retirement baby? 

How beautiful was the pitter patter of tiny feet on your kitchen floor? 

Did you finally give your mum and dad all you had dreamed about? 

Looking back, are what ifs a concept very foreign?

You took life by its lapels I hope 

Your dreams did come true, didn’t they? See how important a factor God & faith were.

How does it feel to have your children surround your table? 

Truly and deeply I pray you were loved 

Above all, I hope you realised YOU had always been GOOD enough.


With Sugary Love….