To Her Little Girl 

Hey guys, 

Teebabsy here 

Today’s post was inspired by real events 


Loss in its most minute form is one of the hardest things we as individuals go through. 
No word is sufficient enough to describe the gut wrenching pain that we feel.
But as each day passes by, we get the strength & courage to go on 


Like a deranged woman, she burst into the children records room. She carried on her shoulders her two month old little girl wrapped in a white & pink shawl 

Her eyes were puffy & red, her hair tousled all over the place. 

She was a mess 

“It’s an emergency, can I see the doctor please”, she asked 

“What’s the matter?”

Then she explained her little girl had refused to eat in the wee hours of the morning & at about 8am that morning, she cried out of her sleep with blood dripping from her nose. 

The hospital card was hurriedly given to her & then she ran out of the room heading to the doctor’s room 

In about 5 minutes she was back again this time with the matron who asked that the warden look closely at the child. 

The woman then scribbled the letters “BID” on the card & gave it back to the mother 

My inquisitive nature took the best of me and I was told It meant 

“Brought in Dead” 

The loud outcry of a woman’s voice made it impossible for me to gather my thoughts together.

I needed no soothsayer to tell me who that was 

She wept and screamed for help. In a split second she was rolling all over the floor with the nurses trying to pull her up.

I just sat there and looked but I understood why she wept 

She wept because she would never hear her laugh or cry again 

She wept because she would never get to potty train or teach her table manners

She wept because she would never get to hear the first words from her little girl’s mouth 

She went because she would never throw her a first year birthday party 

She wept because she would never comb her hair before bed or pack it into cute ponytails on the way to school 

She wept because she would never hold her baby’s hand while she crossed the road

She wept because she would never talk about boys with her little girl 

She wept because she would never get to hear her daughter tell her how much she loved her 

She wept because she would never get a Mother’s Day card from her 

She wept because she would never get to teach her how to cook 

She wept because she would never get to meet her son-in-law 

She wept because she would never see her baby walk down the aisle with her Mr. Right 

She wept because she would never get to carry the babies of her own baby 

She wept because she would never get to teach her how to pray or know the way of the Lord 

She wept for the strong woman she knew she would’ve become 

She wept and wailed for the life that her baby could’ve lived 

She wept for the vacuum that would forever remain 

And in that moment I wept with her because I understood;

No mother ever wants to lose her little one 

So today, I dedicate this post to you precious little darling. 
I never knew or got to meet you but I know you were a tiny bundle of joy 

I hope you realize how much you were loved & would continually be missed by those you left behind 

Though tomorrow they’d start their day without you, know you’d be in their hearts forever and even a day more 

Continue to Rest in Peace with He who loves you so much more


With Sugary Love…



Hi guys 

Teebabsy here 




[the legendary place where your hopes, dreams, goals and aspirations all magically come to fruition] 
This wasn’t supposed to happen
It wasn’t in the itinerary that I fall for you. It was supposed to be one of those transit flights

I should’ve been in and out of your life faster than you’d say jack Robinson
Love has always “scarred” my makeup. With a seemingly unlovable patched heart, I embraced the status quo
And then you came along
Paranoia in me keeps waiting for the other shoe to drop, for you to walk away and never look back taking with you that which is left of a poached heart
I keep waiting for your wife, mistress or kids to show up on my doorstep. I keep waiting for something to go drastically wrong. But none of that has happened

So here I stand with these engulfing and overwhelming desires

I long and thirst for you; I crave your kisses and your touch. I love the taste of your lips. I crave you in ways words cannot begin to describe. 

I want to bask in the euphoria of your scent. I do not miss you at midnight when loneliness creeps in, I miss you when I’m in a crowded room surrounded by loud noises.

 I Miss you without reason. 

Sometimes, I think I pray for you more than I pray for myself. 

I want to call you home. I want you to hold me, I want you to show me off to the world just as you flaunt your tenth grade medals. I want my fingers entwined with yours now and even when we are old & wrinkled. 

I want our happily ever after; the dress, kids and the house with the white picket fence. 

I cringe at the thought that another woman might make you happy. 
I know that couple of years later when our kids are all grown and married, maybe with a couple of affairs on your part, I’d still look you straight in the eyes and tell you how much I love you without hesitation.

I want to yell so loudly till you know you’re just right for me

But Alas, all these you’d never know as we’re not promised tomorrow. 

To live in the moment was our plan. 

But it’s not so easy trying to win this war against my heart

I therefore will continue to muffle the cries of my weary heart as it continually longs for more. 

It’s okay to call me crazy, I’m beginning to think I am 

But once in a while I hear the voices in my head gently whispering to me 

He’d love you just as much



With Sugary Love