Hey guys

Teebabsy here ūüėä

So I’m back from my hiatus


Kintsukuroi (n) (v.phr) “to repair with gold” The Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with gold, silver or lacquer & understanding that the piece is more beautiful for having been broken 

I loved you. 

Now, I despise you 

I felt it all with you

The very frequent knots in my stomach people called butterflies, the sweaty palms, the stutter in my speech and the continuous feeling I was on cloud nine 

You were beyond perfect

My every desire and even much more

That Saturday evening we had met under cloudy and bleak skies

You rescued me from the rains and then I was overjoyed to have found my own Prince Charming 

Oh! how I loved the way you doted and tended to my every need 

The treats, surprises and gifts 

You never took for granted the little things 

No wonder my heart always did a funny dance for you 

The proper gentleman, you never pushed

It was always about me

You didn’t linger after hugs neither did you expect to be invited in 

I was certain you were a keeper 

Dinner at your place sounded surreal and I was elated to be welcomed Into your personal space 

I couldn’t decide between all ten outfits but finally I put on the short white flowery dress 

Dinner was lovely, I never believed lobster could taste so perfect 
Then you took me in your arms and all my problems faded away

Slowly, gently, our lips collided and I felt a hurricane of emotions
My heart thumped faster and I could feel blood rushing to my chest

You proceeded to my thighs slowly caressing, gently lifting up my dress
In sudden outburst, I felt you rip my panties 

I felt myself being lifted & thrown on the rugged floor
My legs were jerked wide open

I was suddenly frightened and I tried to retreat but it was in futility 

Nobody could hear my muffled screams 
I kept tugging and kicking hoping to somehow hit you where it would most definitely hurt 

I dug skin deep into your flesh but all I could hear was your laughter 
You hovered above me slowly inhaling my every scent 

You nibbled at my ear lobes giving sharp bites at intervals 

I felt like the chicken on my family’s Christmas table 

You proceeded to tie my hands to the Centre table not forgetting my mouth as well 

Then you plunged the first time and I cried out in excruciating pain

You moved in and out again several times, tightening your grip around my neck with each thrust 

My legs were shaking and I cried uncontrollably 
For that period, I believed time stood still

With each thrust I lost a part of me

And then the nightmare came to an end 

You got up and simply walked out 

There I was violated 

My pretty little white dress was soaked with the proof of my innocence 
There I lay struggling to deal with my emotions 

I trusted you but you robbed me You took from me that which was mine to give 

And I was left broken 

I have moved on but one thing remains unchanged 
I loved you. Now, I despise you 
They say you always remember your first, I’m damn certain I would. 


With Sugary Love