Change or Shame??


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Change or Shame??

By: Beebah (@bibykimz)


Did we shoot ourselves in the leg? 

It was a fight, between the devil that we knew and the angel that we heard of.

I was in diaspora, but I heard about the goodies the ‘angel’ was bringing along. 

We were tired of our girls being abducted, and the ‘devil’ that claimed to try his best.

His best was good, we screamed for a better, which in time might become best. 

We were tired of our currency fluctuating, tired of ASUU strikes, tired of trade union strikes, tired of a crawling country. 

And so the gun was given to us, to shoot the devil away and atomically our angel be appointed

Our very own Moses, our promise land is close by, he promised us CHANGE. 

CHANGE was the language at every household, even my 7months old niece kaerrah shouted CHANGE. 

It was our decision to make, free and fair it’s called. Oh yes, we chose him, our own Messiah, our Change agent. 

My brother once said when he was given Vet. Medicine, that our prayers sometimes lack the right ingredients. We prayed to God to make him a doctor but we ddnt specify if it would be doctors to humans or animals. This can be likened to the situation at hand

We heard about change, we screamed change with the change agents, we chose change and prayed for change but did we for once say positive change or ask what sort of change we were promised? 

We asked for change and we got change. Naira to dollar which used to be 199 to $1 is now over 300 to $1 

Salary allocations is a problem, when households are given the same salary while naira to dollar was 199 to $1 and now that it is over 300 to $1, and oh, if the salary is received as at when due, meet me at the mosque for thanksgiving. 

We thought our ‘angel’ had Boko haram on lockdown but we hear cases of incessant bombings. 

Trade unions are on strike, petrol scarcity and no light. 

It’s just as if God himself is angry with us, the sun is everblazingly hot even the heat wave from India can’t compete with this. But hey, we are not blaming the Angels for this, just talking generally on the conditions we facing. 

Just the other day, I heard a bill on gender equality couldn’t even make the second reading, what a mess!  

Checking out the lists of senators against the bill, I found out we had Muslims and Christians. I was immediately relieved. Let us not be hypocritical, I’m sure if it were only Muslims that were against that bill the noise is Muslims are this, jihadist are that and the next thing they want to sharialize our country. 

But now it’s a different tune, the figures are pointed at the right people, the senate led by bukola Saraki. I hope we have learnt that a tribe or religion is not the causative organism for our problems but our fathers, uncles, aunties, siblings or relatives. It has nothing to do with tribe or religion. 

Moving on, today citizens have gone crazy, the country is in a turmoil. When situations like gender equality is not given a chance and the frivolous petitions (Prohibition,etc) Bill 2015 also know as ‘Anti-social media Bill is given a chance for second reading. The question is who are our law makers? What are there priorities? Why exactly are they against social media rants. 

I was taught that the very moment I cried as a welcome to this world, that was the exact moment my fundamental human rights were given to me as my birth rights. 

Why take my freedom of expression away from me now? 

Why can’t I wake up and tweet the hardship I’m going through in this country? 

What happened to my freedom of speech? 

Or are we somehow in a military regime where freedom of speech is guaranteed but freedom after speech is not? 

If any action should be criminalized at this moment, it should be public officials who promise heaven on earth and end up leaving us in hell. 

If a particular government is not criticized and praised how does it get better? 

But I know you are getting tired of the criticism, that’s because we have seen nothing praise worthy from this regime.  

We were given the gun, we chose our angel and shot our devil and somehow, I think we shot ourselves in the leg.  

Akinmade Habibat 


I want nothing with a government who suppresses the voice of the masses. Why stifle the same social media used to get you into office now that you’re in power??

Please join the petition! Vote against the anti social media bill by Calling 014408464 & pressing 1. 

Our voices must be heard. Yes, We Can. 


With Sugary Love.

All I WantĀ 

Teebabsy here…. 


So I haven’t written in forever, but here goes


I want to wake up each day with joy in my heart. I want to always be thankful for a fresh start

I want to take life by its lapels and seize every opportunity 

I want a life of no regrets or what ifs 

I want to dance, laugh, smile and live. I have no time to waste every breathe I heave 

I want to take chances and try new things; The world is still waiting for me

I want not a love like Tristan & Isolde; deception would have no room in our hearts. 

I want love like Odysseus & Penelope; 20 years, countless cities and women but his heart yearned only for her 

I want to always look over my shoulder and see him gaze at me just as he did when we first met 

I want to be missed not when he’s lonely but when in a crowded room with thoughts of me spiraling through his mind

I want the house, the white picket fence and my very own swing

I want our kids to surround our table and give us sleepless but cherished nights 

I want to be remembered not by everyone but by those I call “my own”

I want not to be loved by all but to be loved greatly and deeply by those few

I want to be selfless, to always care for somebody other than myself 

I want to touch lives regardless of how minute it might be 

I want to be content. I desire not unnecessary fame & popularity that makes me lose sight of the things that truly matter

I want not to be bound by money, time or any of the other restrictions humanity imposes on itself. 

Just as Eagles, I want to exist; free, boundless and infinite 


With Sugary Love….