I Miss Simpler Days

Hi. It’s SugaRush

There were the times before I had to worry about other things running out like time, luck or money.

Before the days of instantaneous uploading, endless retakes and airbrushing, there was me, my friends and no camera.

It didn’t matter if we blinked,
if the angle was bad
or if one of our fingers ended up in the top right corner,
or someone was ready,
because our mind was the lens and our memories the gallery.

Before the days of anyone being able to reach you at any moment through a small mobile device ringing in your pocket, in your ear, on your wrist or through the speakers of your car, there were landlines.

The thrill of getting a love letter and waking up on my bunk bed, at night, after the lights were out with my flash my light to read every word. Reading it in his voice, my heart racing like a chased rat.
Memorizing every word, and smelling the pages of the paper for he had painstakingly sprayed them with his mothers perfume.

As my life continues to get stored more and more in the cloud,
Raining down insecurity and the need to fit in
Soaking our self-esteem, till the only shelter is in a make up lifestyle
To cover my flooded flaws, till it is concealed from the bird’s eye.

Shortened characters to express ourselves,
Shortened the character we had in ourselves.
To see my friends face, I had to check a Book, and approve with my like.
Rather than just tap her back and give her a good ol’ thumbs up.
Well I guess I did.

Smiling with you,
Replaced with Smileys,
And talking became comments.

I miss the days before we became interconnected and complicated.
When watching a movie,
and kissing,
Were mutually exclusive,
And not summed up in
Netflix and Chill.