Musings of an Eccentric Mind


Yo!! it’s Teebabsy 


Enjoy today’s post 


What is the point in all this??? 

I sometimes ponder. 

Why go through this crazy, uncertain place called life???

Why endure so much pain, suffering and loss? Why should there be strife, anger and hatred? Why should we hunger and thirst? 

Why should we kill each other over acres of land or pride? Why should we take delight in another’s despair? Why do we hurt one another??

Why should there be so much envy and jealousy? Why should we create chaos as a result of our differences? 

The answers to these elude me, so there are times I imagine a better world. 

A world where we are all equals with no segregation, a world where pain or sorrow is nothing but a memory buried deep in our minds. 

A place where there’s continuous laughter; a place where the “green eyed monster” ceases to exist. A world where there are no quakes or disasters. A world of complete peace. 

What a truly amazing place that would be. 

But then I think again….

How would we truly appreciate if there’s no loss? How would we value love if there are no heart aches? 

How would we treasure every happy moment if there are not a few sad times? How would we be grateful for life without sickness or even death? 

How would we appreciate food, shelter and clothing without experiencing a little drought of it.

How would we enjoy peace without experiencing war? How would we build if there hasn’t been any form of destruction? 

And then it dawns on me that maybe there’s a purpose for it all. 

All the pain exists so that we are truly grateful for that which we have been blessed with. 

For even with all its vices, taking away what constitutes this world only creates a facade that masks a cold, empty place.

I would rather be here than settle for the utopia another world might promise….


With sugary love