In her Shoes

Yo!! It’s Teebabsy


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Bitch, Slut, Dog”

A few of the names she’s called. They say she’s beautiful, they say she’s sexy, they call her that which satiates a man’s desire. 

Her rosy luscious lips, her full breasts, her long endless legs; a few of the qualities she does possess. 

But for that treasure which lies beneath her thighs, there’s a price that must be paid. 

Crazy they call her to “sell love” to the highest bidder. But never would she give her love to another. 
So she chose to be a “woman of the night,” catering to the fantasies of those who desire. 
On the corners of various streets she stands, half clothed with her cigarette in her hands. The sound of her gum echoes in the silence of the night. 
She looks forward to the end of the day when she would sum up all her cash. 
She’s not swayed by the snide remarks of others, to her money is all that matters. 
Life to her had always been a survival ground. It was either “eat” or “be eaten.” Abandoned as a child, she had learnt to fend for herself. 
Severally, she had been told of how lovely she was. 

But before she was ready to blossom, she had been deflowered. The result was a long, tedious journey of nine months. 

She learnt along the way that you had to use what you had to get that which was desired or required. 

Now she simply does that which is necessary to clothe, shelter & feed the “fruit” of that journey. 

No one knows what it’s like to be her, they think they have her all figured out but how wrong they are.  

They know not what it feels like to come home to a crying, starving child. None have experienced pain so deep it leaves an irremovable scar. 

Being all alone in this world is a concept so foreign to them. So she doesn’t get mad when they chatter. It doesn’t even bother her a tad bit. 

Only when she sees how they react after they have walked her path would she then decide if they are worthy judges of character or not. 

Till then, her “shop” remains open for “business.”


With Sugary love…