Hate Free Community


Yo!! It’s Teebabsy


Happy New month Beautiful people!! Oh how I’ve missed you guys but sometimes life sets in & doesn’t give you a breather!!


So guys I was scrolling through my phone checking DPs when this picture above caught my attention and it finally led me to write what i had been putting off for so long.

I look around me today and all I see everywhere is racism, hate, jealousy, bitterness, spite and strife; People killing, people dying. It makes me really sad that the world has lost tolerance for one another.

The heart wrenching truth is that we have found worldly accepted Euphemisms for these outrageous acts of bitterness. I hear some of these terms and laugh.

We are all different, we have diverse ideals, beliefs, views, opinions and values. If what I believe in differs from yours doesn’t in any way make me better than You and vice versa.

“To each his own” is a concept we all should embrace as individuals. We all have a right to do whatever it is we want. Should anyone be a Judge of character? Hell no, only God sits that high as there’s nothing that makes you better than another.

So as I write this I ask myself;

What if we all got rid of the hate and bitterness and loved one another regardless of race, skin colour, gender, religion, ethics or social conduct?

What if we shun violence or war and embrace peace?

What if we all spared a thought for those that have nothing; no food to eat, no clothes to wear, the pavements their bed.

What If we put a smile on someone’s face daily? What if we said kind words to one another and left behind snide remarks?

What if we tried to see things from another’s eyes? What if we learnt to let go of pain & hurt and grant forgiveness?

What if we trust, hope and believe in one another pushing ourselves to strive for excellence? What if we truly, deeply loved one another?

What if we tried it today and then continued to do that always? What a better world we’d have created.

It begins with you…


With Sugary Love