To My Heart


Yo!!! It’s Teebabsy!!


How I missed writing that!! I know it’s been ages and y’all are probably mad at me so first things first!! I’m sorry for my absence from the blog, I’ve been tied up with loads of things but the good news is I’m back full time; y’all know how much I love writing and you guys!!



The better news however is that the blog is going to be Two years this month and we are excited and truly happy. As a treat, Sugarush and I have something special lined up, so y’all just have to keep checking in!!

Mwah 😘

I hope you guys enjoy today’s post!!


Dear Heart,

This is probably the best time to write this to you as I’m certain you’d listen this time.

It’s amazing how often you forget how fragile you are; I guess being independent has made you feel you can conquer the world but reality check; that’s not even a half truth.

It’s funny how silly things make you thud heavily. A few rehearsed words make you flutter and you feel like you’re on top of the world.

You open up, you let them in, you love, you care, you share, you support, you comfort, you console, you sacrifice and even compromise. The sad thing is in the search to keep that someone you lose yourself, you lose track of who you are and what you desire.

You cook up those excuses that cushion the truth. You’re always in denial never really facing head on what you already know, that Which I keep trying to remind you.

You forget that you also want to be cared for, held, pampered, loved, cuddled when scared and kissed when sad. You want one who knows You’re lying when You say “I’m fine after a long pause” You want those things and even much more but you choose to settle.

Now you’re back to me as always, poached and battered asking me where it all went wrong, looking for how to say “avada kedavra” to hit back and make it all go away but life’s a bitch and those feelings still linger.

I always get to do the dirty work of cleaning up the mess you make. I only wish you listen to me and take a breather when you get “those butterflies” or feel light headed. If only you evaluate all those “ships” in your life.

Well if you ever listen to me, I wouldn’t be writing this to you now, would I?? But I sense a change in you this time around, I’m certain you’d do better and be better. Your hour of awakening finally came; you found yourself and your voice and I know that is here to stay.

I hope this is the last letter I write to you on this topic but we’d just have to wait and see. I can only hope that the next time Cupid goes around shooting his arrows, he shoots both hearts this time. It would really save me all this trouble.

Know I’d always be around questioning your every move.

Your Brain.


With Sugary Love…