A lot like love


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So earlier this week, my girls and I were gisting and one of them made a statement. We were talking about this New era “love” and she goes “love doesn’t mean anything these days, I love you is now a slang”

On hearing that statement, I laughed till my sides hurt but later on, I got to thinking and it led to this post!

Prior to our age of maturity, we all had certain notions about love. Trust me after watching Disney as a kid, you’ve got to have certain expectations.

Some of us viewed it as that deep emotional connection or bond you share with a person dear to your heart; someone who sees you as you are yet loves you with all your flaws.

Others viewed it as the definition provided by the bible in 1st Corinthians 13. Some view it as friendship intensified. Well, my Point is we all had certain beliefs.

Personally, I’d go with the first two definitions given above; to me they capture the whole essence of love, especially that In the Bible.

But the sad thing is that in this era of ours, the word has been ridiculed and belittled. It’s become a shadow of what it truly portrays.

With the aid of social media platforms, people who’ve only known you a month or two throw the word carelessly around.

Others have equated love to be the pleasure found in between the thighs of a male or female; absence of which tends to place the so called relationship on a decline.

It might begin with an “I love the kind of person you are and it ends with a “you’re not the person I used to know”. The love story ends faster than you can say Jack Robbinson.

But if it were really love, I thought it wasn’t meant to be selfish, take record of wrong doings, wasn’t boastful and never failed. So where do we all get it wrong??

So many of us can’t even tell the difference between love and something seemingly close to it. So we settle for something that’s a lot like love.

The point is we see the signs but we choose not to pay attention; the nagging, aggressiveness, failed promises, constant lies, the reproachful nature, interest in only the physical and hardly anything emotional. The partner that’s more into mere expression of words without any actual action.

If there’s anything harder than not finding the real thing, it has to be settling for the counterfeit of the real thing.

Sometimes I wonder if it’s possible to feel or find the kind of love Juliet or Ruth felt; love powerful enough to leave loved ones for or that expressed by Esther; love that gives you reason to love and trust an arch enemy.

Does it still exist or I’m just way in over my head???

The answers elude me as the 21st Century love with it’s rules and requirements have made us all oblivious to the importance and power that word “love”carries; it’s not a piece of dirty laundry to be tossed around.

If anyone were ever to say those words to me, I would appreciate if it were honestly expressed.

It’s something that should be deeply felt, well thought out before it’s said. It’s a word that carries a lot of weight.

There’s this saying that in order to see a rainbow, you must be prepared to experience a heavy downpour. We don’t get to choose if we get hurt in this world, but we do have a say in who hurts us and we can only hope they are as happy with their choices as we are with them as ours.

I know not what a love as beautiful and true as Juliet’s feels like but I can only hope that when we find it, we’d be brave enough to embrace it…


With Sugary Love…


One thought on “A lot like love

  1. Nice one, Keep it up, I doubt if juliet’s kinda love still exists, i will blame it on our parents tho if u ask me

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