It’s all about Sugar

Yo!! It’s Teebabsy!!!


Yes guys, I know it’s been ages and I’m sorry but I’m back and better, trust me so much to write about!! Can’t start explaining, too much water under the bridge.


Today however is a special day cuz it belongs to my boo, baby, sweetheart and dearest friend to my heart!! It’s Sugarush’s birthday!!

It’s amazing how you meet a person and then suddenly you are inseparable, the person becomes a part of you.

So to you sweetie I say it for the whole world to hear, I love you, I treasure you, you are a wonderful person. I’d always be there for you even at odd hours when you need someone to talk to you.

I’d get mad at anyone you’re mad at and even probably hold the grudge the longest cuz that’s what a special person like you deserves.

You make me see reasons that it’s truly not about how long it’s been with a person but how well!!

So in summary, on this special day, I just thought to tell the world how amazing you are; I love you so much!!!!

Have fun boo, my very own Highflyer!!

Wish this special babe a happy birthday on @mercysuga_rush!!



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