‘Cos Its Teebabsy….

Hi Guys, This is SugaRush.

Today is the awesomest day in the universe because it belongs to our very own Teebabsy.

I’m going to go homo on yall so beware.

I love you. Yes, I said it. I love you.
Tope Babaoye , You are one of the best things that happened to me.

You make me smile. You make me happy. You are that friend that would never say no to me. You listen to me, you care for me. You literally hold my back so I can stand. I could not have asked for a better friend.

So on this special day I make this solemn pledge to you.

I, Emmanuel Mercy, would always be there for you. I would fight your battles with you. I will stand up for you. I will care for you. I will be honest with you no matter how hurting it may be. I will listen to you. I will be funny when you need to be cheered up. I will be an asshole when its the only way to make you make a wise decision. I will care for you. I will abuse boys with you. I will be there for all girls nights, except I have a genuine excuse. I love you Tope.

So there you have it!

Happy Birthday My Favourite Person.

To be or not to be

Yo!! It’s Teebabsy!!!!


I know it’s been a while but I’ve been very busy!

I’m sorry ūüė¶

Now that that’s over!!


So during the week, I watched an Indian movie Guzaarish and I must confess, it moved me to my very soul.

The movie borders on Euthanasia; whether it’s right or wrong .

Euthanasia is of Greek origin and it refers to the practice of intentionally ending a life to relieve UNDUE PAIN and SUFFERING (proper emphasis on pain and suffering)

It is otherwise known as mercy killing. I is legalized in places like Belgium, Netherlands, Albania, USA amongst other places. It’s not yet legalized in Nigeria.

After seeing this movie, i had to ask myself certain questions.

Would I ever allow anyone I love to opt for Euthanasia???

It was based on these random thoughts I wrote this post.

I present to you;


To be or not to be

By: @teebabsy


I remember how well you used to laugh over the years. A single smile from you could light up my day. I looked forward to the daily calls I’d receive from you asking how my day went. You have always been my greatest confidant and friend.

I was always amazed by how strong and tough you were. Never let anything break your spirit you’d always tell me. A light awaits you at the end of this tunnel you’d repeatedly say whenever I’m having a bad day.

At my weakest and strongest moments, you were never found missing. With hugs and kisses, you showered and clothed me. Love so tender and warm you showed me.

You were the first person to make me understand and relate to that mysterious feeling; love. To always make you smile and happy was the greatest joy of my life.

I look over my shoulder to see you in the bed and only now do I realize how much you have changed; hands so strong have become weak and feeble, I no longer see the smile or hear the laughter anymore. I only look at you and see a shadow of the person you once were.

It all changed when you had that fatal accident that left you confined to your bed which you once loved but it has become your personal cell. You wouldn’t be able to walk ever again or move a muscle in your body. Your urinary and bowel systems had also been damaged. You would no longer have control of how you pee or stool.

On hearing those words, I felt the walls closing in on me. I couldn’t handle it at all but being mindful of the things you had taught me, I was hopeful I could handle it.

But how wrong I was. I couldn’t bear hearing your cries of pain all through the night. I couldn’t stand seeing your reddened eyes with heavy eye bags in the morning as I undressed you to clean you up.

It broke my heart to see you wet the bed or call to me to help you scratch your nose. You hated the drugs you continually had to take; it’s of no use, you always say. I can’t stand the look of hopelessness you wear on your face these days.

I would have fared well but I see you breaking down more and more with each passing day. For ten years you have struggled with this condition; a fighter you still are, I must admit.

“This pain is too much for me. I need to end this suffering. Please help me, I want to rest.”

Those were the words you said to me this morning before you requested for Euthanasia. I was shocked to hear it though I understand you are in pain but I just can’t bear the thought of life without you. Letting you go is not an option.

I guess that makes me selfish but I just can’t deal without you. How do I let go of someone so dear???

So here I am at cross roads, do I let go of all morals and beliefs and grant the request or do I refuse the request and let the suffering continue?????

How do I let go of My Mother????

I guess the question is Euthansia; to be or not to be?????

So guys it’s over to y’all, what’s your take on euthanasia??? Should it be legalized???

Would you ever encourage someone to do it???

Feel free to drop your comments


With Sugary Love….