I think I have a boyfriend

Yo!! Its Teebabsy


Its been a great week right???


Yes I’m gonna say it; Happy Valentine’s day y’all!!


Have fun!!

We all can relate to the fact that Love Is hard especially this 21st century love with its rules and expectations. Its hard to know who truly cares or not.

I mean, we all don’t wanna put our heart out on a platter for someone and then find out that they really didn’t give a hoot.

That could sting like a bee. But the truth is one can never know, you just have to risk getting hurt to find love.

You don’t wanna end up old and alone in some depressing apartment.

One thing I know is love, though not always smooth, is beautiful when you’re with the right person(trust me I know)


So don’t go through life shutting out love, live it up, laugh a lot, fall in love sooo hard and make memories.

Life’s like an ice cream, enjoy it before it melts.

On this note, I present to you;


I think I have a boyfriend

By: @teebabsy


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I think I have a girlfriend

By: @baron_bamzie


Scrolling through my phone


My name is Adeola,
And I think I have a boyfriend…

He’s the ideal kind of guy, the one in those romance novels we all fawn over; Tall, dark, handsome final year student and I’m the second year cute class geek.
He’s hot, popular and cool, some of the many things I’m told I’m not.

That he could even walk up to me was appalling not to talk of starting up a convo with me.

It began with a “hi pretty”. I had to look twice to be certain it was me, “did he really just call me pretty???” I could feel butterflies in my tummy.

The hello’s led to texts, then calls, gifts came next, and before I knew it, we were having drinks, cuddling and then we finally kissed…

I could feel my legs give way, my head was spinning, I was on cloud nine. The hot boy settles for a “loser like me”

He’s almost perfect, he’s shown me sides to him I never knew existed and I’ve fallen head over heels for him.

I’m definitely in love…

There’s just one problem…

Does he feel the same way???

I don’t really know if he’s fallen for me too or I’m just the girl before the next. We’ve been on for six months, and its been good; really good maybe even great.

But once bitten, twice shy. My Ex had been this perfect too but it had all been one big fat display of false emotion just to get in between my thighs.

He has never really defined what we have. I want something more and he says he wants that too.

I’m just not sure.

This feeling called love isn’t as cracked up as it seems in the movies. I mean, boy likes girl, girl likes boy and they both live happily ever after.

C’est fini (The end)

No one prepared us for all these unanswered questions and the fact that love is a choice.

If I go ahead to ask him, I don’t want to appear as the clingy girl in the desperate search for someone to call her own.

So I push these doubts to the corners of my mind fooling him with the tough facade, but the nagging thoughts keep resurfacing.

I’m done reading his vals day text and I think I’m going to reply. I don’t know what to say yet but I’d definitely send him something nice.

He might have something sweet and romantic planned for today…

But the doubts envelope me again, the text might have just been for show without any real meaning or thought to it.

My Brain’s trying to over ride my heart as usual. Its an epic tussle for superiority and I know not which would win.

He’s all I want and need, if only I knew what he truly felt…

My name is Adeola
And my head and heart are in conflict

But on this day for lovers,

I think I have a boyfriend.


With Sugary love


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