21st Century Love

Hey Guys! Its SugaRush 😁. And I’m here to rant about something really important:

21st Century Love

“I am hot. This is not because of the weather or the fact that there is no light in this stuffy room. I am hot, because I am literally hot. I have a great body. 34c sized breast, a slim waist, and relatively large backside. To top it all, I am pretty. But here I am laying naked next to my boyfriend of 5 months and he is focused on his phone liking pictures on Instagram and tweeting!!!”

I couldn’t help but laugh when a good friend of mine sent me this text, some days ago. After reading her text which was intended to be her rant to me, I began to give it a deep thought, hence the “21st Century Love” post.

We live in an era where there are rules for everything. Rules about what we wear, what we eat, the type of games we should play on our phones, the type of phones to use, where we go to, the friends we keep and most of all, who and how we should date! There are basically rules for every gaddamn thing!

I had this boyfriend of mine at a point in my life, who basically lived by these rules. He wont call more than once because real niggas don’t leave 2 missed calls, according to him. He wont text first because, real niggas don’t. He cant wait on you for more than 10 minutes because real niggas don’t hang around for so long. He doesn’t believe in valentine because….i cant even remember the dumb ass reason he gave because I was probably to pissed to listen. I’m guessing he didn’t believe in birthdays too cos I didn’t get a birthday gift from him. Most depressing of all, he certainly didn’t believe in real and physical expression of how he felt.
He was very comfortable expressing his feelings via whatsapp texts, tweets, voice notes, instagram posts etc but just not physically to me. You would argue and say, atleast he is showing the world how much he cared about me. That is not the point, dear brethren. The point is, “IS HE DATING ME OR THE WORLD?”

We text, send emails and instant messages. We tweet and Facebook. But while new communication platforms spring up, left, right and center our relationships are suffering from lack of communication rather than flourishing.

You see, its easy to let someone infer the tone of your voice and you facial expressions from the texts you send. The person reads it in the light of the persons own feelings and understanding, which may not be your own feeling and understanding at the time you were sending the message.

Love is supposed to be personal, a strong and intimate force. But now, that isn’t the case. There is a whole new process for falling in love.

Indulge me in this drama sketch.

Boy likes Girl.
Twitter DM.
Boy: *after previous convos* Can i have your pin?
Girl: Yh sure.
(They exchange pins)
Boy: heyyy! *waits for her to text first*
Girl: heyyy 😊 *waits for him to text first*
(Decades pass by. None of them text)
Wedding day.
Boy marrying another girl.
Pastor: Do you take her to love and to cherish?
Boy: this could have been me and Girl. But she wont text first.  Yes, I do.
Girl: this could have been us, but he wont text first.  I’m so happy for them. 😊

Its really stupid guys! Really!!! You like someone tell em, you wanna see someone, call the gaddamn person. You are in love fucking admit it and show it damnit! Life is too short for all these stupid ass games you people play. Ain’t nobody gon become Methuselah waiting on your lame ass to finish playing whatever retarded game you wanna play. Love doesn’t need rules. It doesn’t have rules. Fall in love head long, if you have a damn concoction, so be it. Pfft! I’m tried of all these games mehn.

Emotion is not weakness, its strengths. It shows that you are able to take responsibility. Running away and pretending not to feel the things you absolutely feel is the weakness.
Don’t deny yourself of a chance to be happy just because you don’t want to be called a “pussy nigga”.

I don’t know about you but I would rather be a pussy nigga who has an amazing relationship, than a “real nigga” who would remain single while her mates are having grandchildren.
Phew! I’m exhausted just talking about this.

So guys what do you think? Do you think there is a serious problem with the 21st century love? Or do you think its just fine and there is not nothing? Or are you asking yourself, “what is love? Is it the feeling I get when I see food?” ?
Use the comment box to express you! I’m waiting 😊


5 thoughts on “21st Century Love

  1. Lmao, now u v press control P. Bt really I’l rather be a “pussy nigga” who has a concussion cos of love” than a real nigga……

  2. The constant thing is Love actually totally sucks dick. And nowadays, its hard to know who loves you for you or who loves the idea of you. Its all a huge truck load of bullshit. Sigh

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