This thing called love

Yo!!! Its Teebabsy


Yes guys!! Its the season of love, and like we promised, we are gonna be thrilling y’all with love stories and posts from various superb writers.


So sit tight and enjoy the ride.


Y’all should anticipate this week;


Down that same road
By: @bibykimz
Tuesday 11th February



21st Century Love
By: @mercysuga_rush
Wednesday 12th February


The last post for this week would be one in a conversational form with the reply given by another amazing writer;

So anticipate;


I think I’ve got a boyfriend
By: @teebabsy
Friday 14th February


Don’t miss out on all the fun!!!


Without further ado, I present to you;


This thing called love

By: @gboyegarr


What is love???

I keep asking myself. Is it that drunken feeling? The one you feel when you think about some “special” someone?

What exactly is it? This thing called love. It’s like being drunk. You don’t think clearly. You never see that it’s a terrible farce.

From “I love your sense of humor” to “you think everything’s a joke” the road’s never that long.


Trust me, I know. I’ve been there. I see it all the time.

It’s a lie. A fat lie.

The human mind; we literally brainwash ourselves into thinking this thing is real, but it isn’t.

Like a switch, you can decide to “love” someone, and you can decide to fall out of “love” with someone.

It is that easy.

And you call that real? Seriously?
It all boils down to the mind. It’s a powerful thing.

If I ever catch a feeling, and I can’t make it go, then I’d let you all know.

You can always make it go.

It’s all in your head.

Trust me I know, I’ve been there…


With Sugary Love


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5 thoughts on “This thing called love

  1. LOL!
    I just can’t stop laffing – talking about love is one thing, hearing it from Gboyegar is another. Welcome to the world bro, cupid has got ur back.
    Nice work Teebabsy…cheers!

  2. I totally agree with yhu, its a thing of the mind……..Falling “in and out of love” is absolutely true…..Nice piece!

  3. *sigh* Gboyega, you are Hurt…let it go!
    I accept you can always fall Outta love but don’t make those In love feel some type of Way.. Ps: I’M NOT IN LOVE!
    Great piece tho!

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