All that glitters…

Yo!!! Its Teebabsy


*dodges all items being thrown at me*


Though its kinda late but better late than never right?? Happy New Year darlings!!


Hope the year’s been going on well?? We owe you guys an apology for our absence.

We are truly sorry, school’s been very hectic but we are back. Y’all know how much we love you guys!!


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Mists and Melodies

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In case y’all didn’t know, the month of love is almost here and to celebrate that, we would be thrilling you with lots of love stories by various superb writers.


The summary is y’all should always check in here!!


Irrespective of all the craziness in school, I finally got the time to create a world of my own and write.


Without further ado, I present to you:


All that glitters

By: @teebabsy


A pretty face, a body to die for, the latest clothes, gadgets and accessories. I just got the Range Rover Sport 2013 model. I’m the most popular girl in my faculty.

Parties, check!! Drinks, check!! Friends, double check!! I’ve got so many boys at my beck and call. I don’t believe in commitments, I’m more of a carpe diem (seize the day) kinda girl, so I’ve been with quite a number of guys.

My life’s fun, I’m in charge, I run the show. Yeah I’m bad like that. I’m pretty certain right now, some of you wish you were me, but News flash…

At the end of the day, when I get to my room and I’m left alone, there’s that void, that feeling of emptiness, lack of purpose or self worth. The feeling comes haunting me each night.

Then the tears start rushing down but amidst it, I find something amusing, its the fact that some actually wish they were me, how foolish could they be??

Lucky, rich, proud, they call me!!! Some even call me a slut but they do not see beneath the surface.

I’m the daughter of an abusive father, one who derives pleasure in ripping my clothes to shreds and with every thrust, he takes away every shred of hope I had left.

My mum walked out on us years ago and dad never remarried. He never got over the shock and I became the outlet in which all his wildest sexual fantasies came to life.

The gifts and things you all see and covet are the consolation for my screams and tears every night. I am already one without value or worth, why then would I commit to only one “scumbag”??

I wish I could find pleasure in the little things, laugh and actually mean it or even smile but if wishes were horses, beggars would ride.

They are all the same and so to lash back at them, they become my playthings, ready to please my every desire but never getting close enough to see the scars within. Its not pride, its just justice!!

This is the only way to deal with this, its my own haven. One thing still makes me laugh through it all, its those that have fallen for this facade I’ve made them believe, contentment with what is theirs is all they truly need.

If only they all knew the truth…


With Sugary Love


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