To Our Wall

Yo!!! Its Teebabsy and Sugarush here!!


How are y’all doing???


Today is a Tres special day!!!


Its the birthday of one of our very own; Its no other than @bibykimz.

So today’s post is in her honour.


The first part is by me and the second part by sugarush!!


Without further ado, We present to you;


To Our Wall

By: @teebabsy and @mercysuga_rush


We all have numerous friends, some of us have so many we have lost count. Friends are God’s special gift to us. They are there to help us, strengthen us, support us and give us a shoulder to cry on. Friends in our own opinion are like walls.

Not all friends stick around through the rough and bad times, but there are a few who do. When you find that kind of friend, its compulsory you treasure them and never let them go.

We for one have been blessed with our very own wall. I know not what we might have done but God found us worthy of having a friend who’s been with us through it all.

Its her day today and we couldn’t think of a more befitting present than to tell the world how much you mean to us -Akinmade Habibat Ojuolape Anjola Ajiun

My wall,
I call you that as you are a reflection of
God’s kindness to me
He knew that in this weary world, I would need someone to rely upon, lean on and have as a confidant asides him; so he sent me you

A friend like you is hard to find,
I’ve searched around but none can compare
Every time I think of you, I know that
God definitely has a sense of humour; as a person so different from me completes me in every way

As a shy and fairly quiet person, you bring out the “crazy” and fun loving part of me
I’m the impulsive one, you are the rational one
I’m the one who always let’s her emotions get the best of her, but you’re the “rock”

8 years ago, Our paths crossed
An encounter I bless the Lord for daily
Funny how we were arch enemies till we became room mates and a wonderful friendship began, one I hope lasts for more years to come

Having a friend is different from having someone who you know would always be there for you always
With you, that has never been a worry

You understand me in ways I can’t comprehend
Even when I throw “my fits”, you lovingly ignore me
You see through my “tough” facade knowing that I’m very vulnerable

My wall,
Countless times I’ve leaned on you, called you up at odd hours, rubbed off my problems on you, but you have never complained

Memories I have are forever evergreen
I would always cherish them; the laughs, the hugs during times I cried, the advice, the chiding, the heart to heart talks

My wall,
My very own “Lyrical Were”
Your rhymes are hotter than Coal
Countless times I’ve been forced to listen to every new line or rap
Even when sometimes I’m not actually listening

You are a very rare gem
You are not just a friend, but a sister and confidant

My wall,
As you add another year today,
I pray God showers his blessings on you
Makes you happy, laughing always
I pray he strengthens this friendship as you are one of the treasures I hope to keep for life

This is just to let you know how much we love, value and cherish you. I’ve been blessed beyond bounds having someone like you.


Sugarush here!!

Babes, I haven’t known you very long but it seems like its been forever
A friend like you is so precious and priceless.

You’ve been there through it all even when things went awry earlier this year(I’m sure you remember)

You were a strong Pillar and wall of support
You encouraged me telling me not to give a hoot about what others think

People would always talk, you taught me
One thing I’m certain is I never want to lose this beautiful friendship

I pray this year brings you joy and good tidings.

Happy birthday Sweetie!!Know always that Teebabsy and Sugarush love you


With Sugary Love…


4 thoughts on “To Our Wall

    • Mehn! I was moved to tears on ur behalf @ Habiba… This is a very lovely piece. I have to say this… Even though people go around saying stuff about you guys, y’all have something that most of these pple do not have… True friendship. I hope and pray that nothing ever pulls u apart. Xoxo

  1. Nice tribute. May God continue to strengthen and bless your friendship ijn. Amen. Happy birthday Akinmade Habibat Oluolape Anjola Ajiun! Hip, hip, hooray, to many more years in good health and prosperity!

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