World War Free

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by: @ur_enigma


Everyday battles are fought. Some we win and others we lose. Sometimes these battles are within us and other times they are without. However, our winning or losing these battles defines what most of our lives become in the bigger picture.

I was in the forefront of a battle I couldn’t win. I was born to lose the battles and the wars. Unlike most of the rest of the world, I had a reason to complain, to be bitter or be depressed, I had a right to curse at the day of my birth, to despise the world in its obsession in bountiful vanity.

Every day was a dark one, like my destiny had been eclipsed by the incomprehensible shade of fate, hence, my impossible position. The race started far before I got on the track, when my fate was sealed in a sale. There they stood, unaware of the fox disguised as a friend, in total oblivion of the role they had to play in the lives of generations to come, that as my brothers trooped away into the neighbor’s ban, trooping humbly to their slaughter, they were catapulting posterity back into the past.

So I stand today, the product of a decision that occurred centuries ago, still haunted by their wailing screams, by the drowning voices down in the great ocean, by bruised knees, and crackling whips.

But I am no longer plagued by the cunny fox or his task masters, now I am imprisoned by my own brothers; I am deprived by the elders who were once the blueprint for the values our culture upheld. I am a mockery not because I am not intelligent, or because I am poor, or because I am less than human but because I am supposed to play cards when none have been dealt. I have lost this battle not because  I am not valiant, or courageous, but because my fathers have sold me out and pushed me to the fore front with nothing but scrawny bones, an empty stomach, no education and no sense of direction.

They have taught me that everyone must fight for himself and himself alone, that the society is not mine and should not be built. They have shown me that a leader is god and cannot be scrutinized, they have taught me to pay no attention to the tears of a little child, not to help with the burden of the elderly, they have shown me that the war is lost, and that we will forever remain slaves.

We have gained independence from the fox, but our brothers have left us in our shackles. This is my story, I am an African child.


6 thoughts on “World War Free

  1. Sigh. Our society contradicts itself. All the things we were taught was evil, are now being celebrated. Education that used to be the backbone of the nation has been ignored.
    Thieves are celebrated as Chiefs
    Murderers as Saviors
    Swindlers as honest men.
    Sincerely, where our society is heading, i don’t want to go there.

  2. I totally agree with andywhyt, its a very strange world we live in now. Its particularly harder for us as Nigerians and Africans as a whole. The level of injustice that we see on a daily basis can turn a stomach.
    Look at the case of Stella Oduah, who acquired BMW cas worth almost half if the money asuu needs for education. The priority system in Nigeria is swapped! Its as disgusting as it is alarming.
    Lovely post! This blog is doing a nice job.

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