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Its been one hell of a week for me but through it, He (Baba God) keeps me going and I write when I want to escape it all.


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Mists and Melodies

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By: @teebabsy


Ermmmm….Clears throat

Well today, we are going to treat a very sensitive topic that affects us all.

You know how when you were growing up and your parents give you all those speeches. There’s the one about remembering the child of whom you are, the be hard-working speech, the love God speech and then the be independent speech.

They tell us how we should trust no one else or depend on another except God and we set out just to do what we have been advised.

We set up our walls and standards so high and we make it a point of duty not to let anyone get too close. Familiarity breeds contempt, we remind ourselves always.

But the bitter truth is the heart is one Sly Nigga! We let our guard down and in the end, we let in that special “someone”.

We don’t know how it happens but that person wriggles their way into our hearts and lives breaking down those insurmountable walls we took so much time and effort to build.

It might be that family friend, that classmate, that roomate or hall-mate either boy or girl that just paid us a little attention and before we know it, we open up to them like a hibiscus flower in full bloom.

We let them in on our deepest of secrets and desires. We tell them everything and anything, even the ones our parents must not hear about. They know the good, the bad, and the terrible.

We do this because we trust them, hoping that our secret is safe with them. That one person becomes your sole CONFIDANT.

You have other friends but then there’s that special one that knows every damn thing about you.

And then it happens, they break that trust and it hurts so bad. They wreck our hearts and we bleed internally.

It might be that little secret you expected them to keep and they let it out, it might be using that terrible flaw of yours against you when upset, it might even be doing the unexpected.

You curl up in a ball and cry your eyes out. You feel hurt and betrayed. Your heart is in need of some damage control.

But that’s not the part that hurts the most. The most painful part is when that someone is confronted, they go ahead to say it wasn’t their fault and guess who’s at fault??

They blame that guy that lives miles away in a Long black and red gown with a long tail holding a three pronged fork.

And that is the main issue for today.

Countless times we blame him for everything that we do without taking full responsibility for our actions.

We hurt people, do certain wrongs and we find it very convenient to blame it on the guy. Sometimes I pity the “poor dude”.

You cheat on a test, you get caught and you’re expelled!

Did he give you the “scrounge” you took in??? Did he scribble down all the answers on your lap or did he tell you how to put it in your hair so no one would notice??

You made the decision yourself.

You let out a friend’s secret, she’s ridiculed by others and as a result she’s hurt. Did He put his fork to your throat before you opened your mouth??

It was your choice.

That’s the major problem today. We find it so easy to shift the blame. As a result, there’s so much hurt and evil in the world and who gets blamed???

The same guy in the black and red gown.

But we forget our actions are only a reflection of our thoughts and the content of our hearts. We do only that which we want to do.

He only gives us a little shove in the wrong direction. Its our decision to choose to budge or not. The ball is entirely in our court.

So I’d say let’s think twice before we do that nagging thought in the corners of our heart! Think about its effect and consequences.

But if eventually we do hurt someone, let’s all man up and take responsibility and try to make amends to be a better person.

I have come to learn that no one is perfect and even though I’ve been hurt few times, I’ve come to learn to forgive and know that time heals all wounds.

The true essence of opening up to anyone is risking the possibility to get hurt and if it happens, and the person owns up wanting to make amends, who am I not to forgive?? After all, I’ve hurt others too.

We are only human and we are all flawed in one way or the other.

Well that’s only my view about it, feel free to hit up the comment box and express you…


With Sugary Love…


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