To my Beloved

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To My Beloved

By: @teebabsy


My Beloved,
I call you that as you are God’s smaller version of me
You are living proof that somewhere up there, there’s a God who loves me so much he gave me a gift as priceless as you

You’d probably have my hazel brown eyes and your father’s dark curly hair
I hope you don’t inherit my bizarre, loud and embarrassing laughter, trust me on that one
I pray you have my dimples and your father’s dark chocolate Skin

My Beloved,
Someday soon I’d probably tell you the tale of how I met your father
Though its still being written by the Big Guy above but I’m sure its one I’d always remember

I’d tell you of how he got down on one Knee and asked me to be his Better Half
I’m sure you’d giggle after I tell you how much I cried and laughed at the same time as the joy in my heart knew no bounds

My Beloved,
I hope you know how ecstatic I’d be at the news of your arrival
With your dad pampering me with meals; most of them burnt as the kitchen and your dad do not make a perfect pair

I cannot wait to hear your first cries and your first laughter
I hope the first words you say are “mama”
I anxiously await the first time I’d see you walk, stumbling a few times but finally making it through

My beloved,
You should know life is a party, not everyone stays till the end
Some come, make a mess and leave but there are those who wait behind and clean the mess with you
When you find those kind of people, cherish them and never let them go
They are God’s gift to you

My Beloved I tell you,
Do not rush into love, it would only leave you several unwanted scars
its time would come, when you least expect it
You would find that person whom the Lord created specially for you
I learnt that the hard way

When you have found him, keep the fire burning
Love is life; you feed it, you nourish it and tend to it daily, otherwise it dies

My Beloved,
Know your worth, Never let anyone put you down or make you feel less Important cause dear child, you are a very rare gem produced from my own loins
Do not conform to the standards of your friends or the world but only to Him who moulded you

My beloved,
Change is constant, so be thankful for the great times and make enough memories
When the tough times come, always remember that they never last but tough people do

Know that people would always talk; they wouldn’t recall the good you’ve done but remind you constantly of the wrongs you committed
Pay no attention to them my love, they know not of the choices you had before your decision was made

In everything, always walk with your head held high
You my darling are worth more than rubies or the most expensive pearls

My Beloved,
Life is a teacher, so be sure to always learn from your mistakes
I hope you make only a few and not repeat the same ones I made

Time’s winged Chariot hurriedly passes by so treasure each moment and laugh as much as you can.
Believe in yourself and you my love would move mountains.

But in all My Beloved,
Never cease to love your creator, thank him for each day, each laugh, each smile and each tear
He watches closely through it all

I have to go now my beloved,
So many more things I wish to tell you but they would all happen in good time
Right now, I have to go make a pot of Efo Riro (Vegetable soup), a delicacy I can’t wait to make specially for you.

I can’t wait to cradle you in my arms, arms with which I hope to protect you from the evils of this world.

Till your arrival, always know that mama loves you and even when daddy walks you down the aisle, you would always and forever remain My Beloved…


With Sugary Love…


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In the blink of an eye

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Letter to my Beloved

By: @teebabsy


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In the blink of an eye

By: @pwitikid


Ella walked out of the hospital gate into the main road, dazed. She kept walking without direction, she didn’t care where she ended up.

She just wanted to be away from everyone and everything. She crossed the road without a moment’s pause and kept walking not minding the hooting of car horns and curses from passersby and the bus driver that just almost hit her.

She had just lost her best friend, Toke. Just yesterday, Toke seemed to have fully recovered from the malaria that brought her down about a week ago.

They had talked and started making plans for her 20th birthday party and she had promised to write down her guest list and bring it for Toke to criticise the next day, the day she was supposed to be discharged, only for her enthusiasm to be smashed by the news of Toke’s death at the hospital.

Several thoughts and questions ran through Ella’s mind; what could have happened? How did it happen? But she was fine, how could death be so cruel?  Why was there no sign or warning? Why Toke?

Why did it have to be her only true friend? Why did death have to take away the Adebayo Family’s only child? She stopped as she entered a deserted close and looked up at the sky, like she was waiting for answers to fall, but none came.

She walked a little further into the close; fell to her knees, letting out a deafening scream which eventually subsided into a silent sob.

She got up and found her way back to the hospital, praying and hoping that a miracle would happen, that Toke would wake up from the peaceful state she seemed to be in, or that she would wake up and everything will be a just a nightmare.

As she walked into the hospital and at seeing Toke’s mother on the floor, crying and screaming, she burst into fresh tears as reality fully dawned on her, she had just lost a huge part of her, and there was absolutely nothing she could do about it…

A few days ago, after we had all had dinner and everyone except my siblings who had to read for their upcoming mock examination retired to their rooms for the night, i fully settled into chatting and working on an article at the same time on my blackberry phone.

I finally got myself to writing the article after a few weeks of writing nothing since I lost my articles to a crash (I’m sure you all know the crashing problem blackberry 9900 users go through).

I had become so attached to my phone over the year; it made things easier for me and had basically become a part of me. Anytime thoughts of losing the phone came to me, I always waved it away because I never wanted to think of what it would be like.

On this fateful night, I was so engrossed in the bustle of my bbm world and trying to create a read-worthy piece. I made a friend of mine ask for the link to something I wrote after he admitted that he had never read any of my works.

And just as I was about to paste and send the link to him, the whole world came to a halt, nothing was moving, I waited, thinking it was just one of those hanging moments blackberry phones experience.

But I was wrong, it had crashed again. This time without warning and just when I was almost done with the piece I was writing, and while I was in the middle of talking with many of my contacts. This was too sudden especially since it just recovered from another crash about two weeks ago.

Nothing i did could bring my phone back to life, and then it occurred to me that death could not be any less sudden, if not more painful. University of Ibadan, during this ongoing strike, has lost several students to the cold hands of death.

Some I know, some i don’t. Some of them must have left school with the hope of coming back to their rooms, friends and classrooms, without having so much as a hint of the stiff fate that awaited them.

We go about, doing different things with or without and to different people, not knowing what next or who might be next. Life, as we all know, is full of surprises; it spares the really sick man who was expected to die and lets death take away his wife who nurtured him back to life.

It spares the old and gives away the young. It postpones death’s appointment with the bad guys and leaves the good guys in the cold hands of death. Life just gives death the license to go round and pick people randomly, and so far death has been doing a really great job.

It chooses to take the only two children in the Lagbaja Family, and takes 1 out of the nine in Tamedu family, how cruel?

It spares the horrible child whose death would be more of a relief to her parents and even uses her as an instrument to end the life of another family’s promising child and only hope of a better life.

It is slow to take away the adulterous wife-beating husband, but picks up the groom-to be, whose wedding is in three days, without a moment’s consideration.

I like to imagine death as a spirit that was configured not to feel or think; otherwise we would not have so many evil people around.

If death could feel or think, it would know to take the life of that person who is planning to kill an innocent man or that fraudulent employee who doesn’t mind ruining his very trusting boss, but life is unfair and there’s absolutely nothing we can do to change it.

Pondering further on this, i realised it’s not just about death, it’s more about us. Death is inevitable and everyone will sooner or later be taken away by the cruel hands of death, but the question is, how have you used that which you have? How have you lived your life?

What will people say about your life when you finally leave for the great beyond? Are you living a praise worthy life or a careless one?

Have u been leaving your mark in people’s hearts or you’ve been trampling on their hearts? How many people will truly miss you when you’re gone?

An elderly friend of mine always says,

“When you die, let people cry because they’ll miss you, not because they are scared of where you’ll end up or because they think your life was a waste”.

Whatever it is we do, let’s strive to touch people’s lives and to be remembered for the good we’ve done, not for the number of parties we attended, number of girlfriends or boyfriends we had, number of people we fought with or the number of exams we failed or passed.

I personally believe that we’re in certain people’s lives for different purposes, and these purposes if fulfilled would mean a life well lived.  

Our friends and families should remember us and smile, because we fulfilled our purpose in their lives.
I see so many quotes around telling us to live everyday like it’s our last, but the deplorable condition of our society’s morals is a pointer to the fact that most people misinterpret these quotes.

They take it as a license to live a carefree and meaningless life. These quotes only remind us that there’s this Big GUY up there who’s watching our every move and our lives and everything we do should reverence him, as that is the only key to a good life.

Maintaining a good relationship with HIM helps us lead a great life and assures us of a wonderful thereafter.

All in all, our life should be a blessing and not a curse to those around us and we should also keep it in mind that the good we do affects our society, no matter how little.

So my advice to everyone is, re-examine your life and make amends, let your life be a positive influence to those around you, make up with lost friends, love and pray for your enemies. No one knows who is next.

Make God your number 1 friend, it is the only way to live a good life and be sure of a better thereafter. Have a nice life.  


With Sugary Love….


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World War Free

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by: @ur_enigma


Everyday battles are fought. Some we win and others we lose. Sometimes these battles are within us and other times they are without. However, our winning or losing these battles defines what most of our lives become in the bigger picture.

I was in the forefront of a battle I couldn’t win. I was born to lose the battles and the wars. Unlike most of the rest of the world, I had a reason to complain, to be bitter or be depressed, I had a right to curse at the day of my birth, to despise the world in its obsession in bountiful vanity.

Every day was a dark one, like my destiny had been eclipsed by the incomprehensible shade of fate, hence, my impossible position. The race started far before I got on the track, when my fate was sealed in a sale. There they stood, unaware of the fox disguised as a friend, in total oblivion of the role they had to play in the lives of generations to come, that as my brothers trooped away into the neighbor’s ban, trooping humbly to their slaughter, they were catapulting posterity back into the past.

So I stand today, the product of a decision that occurred centuries ago, still haunted by their wailing screams, by the drowning voices down in the great ocean, by bruised knees, and crackling whips.

But I am no longer plagued by the cunny fox or his task masters, now I am imprisoned by my own brothers; I am deprived by the elders who were once the blueprint for the values our culture upheld. I am a mockery not because I am not intelligent, or because I am poor, or because I am less than human but because I am supposed to play cards when none have been dealt. I have lost this battle not because  I am not valiant, or courageous, but because my fathers have sold me out and pushed me to the fore front with nothing but scrawny bones, an empty stomach, no education and no sense of direction.

They have taught me that everyone must fight for himself and himself alone, that the society is not mine and should not be built. They have shown me that a leader is god and cannot be scrutinized, they have taught me to pay no attention to the tears of a little child, not to help with the burden of the elderly, they have shown me that the war is lost, and that we will forever remain slaves.

We have gained independence from the fox, but our brothers have left us in our shackles. This is my story, I am an African child.


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Mists and Melodies

By: @mercysuga_rush


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By: @teebabsy


Ermmmm….Clears throat

Well today, we are going to treat a very sensitive topic that affects us all.

You know how when you were growing up and your parents give you all those speeches. There’s the one about remembering the child of whom you are, the be hard-working speech, the love God speech and then the be independent speech.

They tell us how we should trust no one else or depend on another except God and we set out just to do what we have been advised.

We set up our walls and standards so high and we make it a point of duty not to let anyone get too close. Familiarity breeds contempt, we remind ourselves always.

But the bitter truth is the heart is one Sly Nigga! We let our guard down and in the end, we let in that special “someone”.

We don’t know how it happens but that person wriggles their way into our hearts and lives breaking down those insurmountable walls we took so much time and effort to build.

It might be that family friend, that classmate, that roomate or hall-mate either boy or girl that just paid us a little attention and before we know it, we open up to them like a hibiscus flower in full bloom.

We let them in on our deepest of secrets and desires. We tell them everything and anything, even the ones our parents must not hear about. They know the good, the bad, and the terrible.

We do this because we trust them, hoping that our secret is safe with them. That one person becomes your sole CONFIDANT.

You have other friends but then there’s that special one that knows every damn thing about you.

And then it happens, they break that trust and it hurts so bad. They wreck our hearts and we bleed internally.

It might be that little secret you expected them to keep and they let it out, it might be using that terrible flaw of yours against you when upset, it might even be doing the unexpected.

You curl up in a ball and cry your eyes out. You feel hurt and betrayed. Your heart is in need of some damage control.

But that’s not the part that hurts the most. The most painful part is when that someone is confronted, they go ahead to say it wasn’t their fault and guess who’s at fault??

They blame that guy that lives miles away in a Long black and red gown with a long tail holding a three pronged fork.

And that is the main issue for today.

Countless times we blame him for everything that we do without taking full responsibility for our actions.

We hurt people, do certain wrongs and we find it very convenient to blame it on the guy. Sometimes I pity the “poor dude”.

You cheat on a test, you get caught and you’re expelled!

Did he give you the “scrounge” you took in??? Did he scribble down all the answers on your lap or did he tell you how to put it in your hair so no one would notice??

You made the decision yourself.

You let out a friend’s secret, she’s ridiculed by others and as a result she’s hurt. Did He put his fork to your throat before you opened your mouth??

It was your choice.

That’s the major problem today. We find it so easy to shift the blame. As a result, there’s so much hurt and evil in the world and who gets blamed???

The same guy in the black and red gown.

But we forget our actions are only a reflection of our thoughts and the content of our hearts. We do only that which we want to do.

He only gives us a little shove in the wrong direction. Its our decision to choose to budge or not. The ball is entirely in our court.

So I’d say let’s think twice before we do that nagging thought in the corners of our heart! Think about its effect and consequences.

But if eventually we do hurt someone, let’s all man up and take responsibility and try to make amends to be a better person.

I have come to learn that no one is perfect and even though I’ve been hurt few times, I’ve come to learn to forgive and know that time heals all wounds.

The true essence of opening up to anyone is risking the possibility to get hurt and if it happens, and the person owns up wanting to make amends, who am I not to forgive?? After all, I’ve hurt others too.

We are only human and we are all flawed in one way or the other.

Well that’s only my view about it, feel free to hit up the comment box and express you…


With Sugary Love…