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By: @mercysuga_rush


ka·lei·do·scope /kəˈlīdəˌskōp/
A constantly changing pattern or sequence of objects or elements…


Hi guys, well i haven’t written in a while and i know that my darling faithfuls are really mad at me, I apologise.

Well today, i have this issue that i would like us to discuss. Yup, discussion, meaning at the end of this post, you use the comment box to express you.

Its amazing how things come to be. How you figure out how your life, day or week would go and with the most annoying twist of fate, everything comes undone.

You know, you wake up in the morning, plan that you would finally finish that paper you have been working on, go out with your friends and get home in time for the match.

Eventually, you don’t only not fail to finish writing the paper, your phone miraculously dies on the road, on your way to meet up your friends, and you cant get them to find out where they are.

Frustrated, you decide to return home to console yourself with good football and you get stuck in a stand still lagos traffic! Makes you wonder who you have offended.

However lets also note that there are days that just become good without us even trying. The days that make you feel like you are in the VIP list of life.

With this as my premise, i come down to the matter. We ALL, especially if you are a girl with access to civilisation.

In fact, even if you live in a cave and the nearest thing you have to a television is your reflection in the pond, or you watch “TV” on electronic billboards, and those of you that use twitter as your television, copying and pasting peoples comments of different shows.

All of us, all girls have at one point in their life or are at the moment or are perpetually imaging and figuring out the kind of man they want to date.

We have already decided how we want him to behave, how we want him to treat us around our friends, how much we want him to spend on us weekly, where we want him to take us to, the getaway weekends in different countries, his complexion, height, body mass index, EVERYTHING!

We have our Prince Charming (that Charming name though, I don’t know the retard that thought it up, cause some niggas can’t be charming no matter what!) He is all thought out and everything a girl wants is in him.

We begin to look towards it, and for some of us, we work towards getting “Mr. The One.” We go to all the places we expect to meet our Mr. The One, we plan and wear all the kind of clothes that attract The One.

I digress at this juncture, some of us dress up in different coloured uniforms and expect to attract a lawyer with a six figure salary, my dear, let me tell you in easy terms, YOU ARE JONZING!!!!

The only thing you will attract with that kind of combination of rags is all those #20-bribe-collecting Police men on the road. Those are the ones that will come after you. I’m telling you now!

I return. We watch all those movies and read all those books with funny titles;

” 1000 ways to find and keep your dream man”.

We even decide to forfeit the normal way that nature has intended for us to, think and begin to act like a lady and think like a man, so much so that we become full grown men in short dresses and heels.

We eat right, talk right, use the right pitch for laughing, so that we don’t sound like a retarded seal. Okada, our beloved most preferred mode of transportation, becomes prohibited for us between the hours of 6am to 11:30pm.

In fact, to make sure our work is foolproof and to fortify it against all the witches in the village, we take the matter to the Lord in prayer. Attending all singles meeting with the list in our bag, to cross check the men there.

Some of us even take it a little bit further by increasing our offerings and adding a note in the envelope that reads,

” Dear God, I have increased my offering, Please look at my list and send my man to me”.

All in a bid to get this The One dude.

The struggle….sigh.

With all these preparations and hard work, fate STILL brings on its twisted sense of humour. You say you are looking for a Yoruba, tall and dark man, that has no “H” factor, and you get a short and fair Ibo man, with a thick “Nna” accent!

Trust me, I have been in these shoes, I had a picture perfect frame and standard for my kind of man. From his looks to his job, to his age, to the amount he makes per year, to the family he should from, to his favourite colour, to how much he should adore me!

I had it all figured out, but it seems I just could never get him. Everybody around me, seemed to have the kind of man that I wanted, he just wasn’t coming to me.

Every guy that came, didn’t meet up and the ones that where close to perfection had major flaws.

I know many of us, girls and boys alike, are in this fix. Its very frustrating and very confusing. Worse still if you are a girl, and you decide to scamper through every fibre of man that you come across in your bid to find the perfect man, you are automatically termed a whore.

You become a two-bit bitch, who doesn’t know what she wants. Reminds me of a post, Bitch or Misunderstood.

What do we do?! How do we solve these? Do we have to settle for less than what we want for our lives? Do we just take whatever life tosses at us? Is there anything wrong in having standards and sticking to them?

If the standards are too high, how come others get people that fit? There are 1000 unanswered hip hop questions running through our minds.

Hit us up on the comment box, tell me what you think. If you can relate to this post, feel free to drop your own perspective.

As for me, I decided to let myself go. I might not have found what I want, but I have found what i need. I might not have found “Mr. ‘ready-made’ Perfect”, but I have found a plain canvass with whom I can draw out a beautiful perfect life.

I do not know if he is for the moment or the long haul, but all I know is I have found something that I wont trade for anything else.

I have found my imperfect reflection and I am comfortable with all the rough curves and edges.

However this post is not about me, its about you! You know the drill, Use the comment box to express you! See you on the flip side.


With Sugary Love…


16 thoughts on “Kaleidoscope

  1. All those expectations exist only in the novels that we read and bollywood movies we spend time watching. I have come to realise that in as much as am not perfect, I shouldn’t expect the ‘perfect’ man of my dreams to be a reality………But fantasising about it isn’t a crime so……………!

  2. Well its true we av so many expectations as girls dah we even 4get 2work on our selves…. I think wen u luv urself,be in love wit urself..the right man wud come along…don’t stress it.m.you av all it takes 2have the mr right wit u…buh first u av 2be mrs right so mr right can see u…. U can’t be behaving like a whore and expecting good men…also remember u wud be adressed the way u dress… CHEERS!!!!!

  3. This is not only common to girls. Boys also do thus. We have an idea of the kind of woman we want. The one is homely, christianly, respectful, wild, fun and crazy at the same time. The one with 8 figure and slim waist, flat tummy, big yansh! Everything perfect. But we NEVER fond that kind of girls, some of us are lucky enough to make up our kind of woman, but mehmnnnn its a hard search. Really nice piece btw!

  4. This is like story of my life! I’m searching for my perfect woman and I am soooooooo going to find her. I don’t care what it would cost me. -_- The End

    • You will be very old searching! Take a seat with all the rest of the niggas! Make sure you take a novel with you, so that you can recognize the woman!

  5. You cant get a guy or a girl without H-Factor, Not in real Life.. Perfection comes only when we love the imperfect person perfectly. ( No one is perfect )

  6. One fin life has tot me is dat we shud Have Only Positive Expectation(HOPE)4d Best But Alwayz Expect d Worst,in dat way U av balanced wateva comes 2yu n U wil neva b disapointed in lyf,No nid buildin Castle in d air cos U dnt own d Life.

  7. Its a serious matter guys!But in the end we all have to learn to accept our partners for who they are regardless of their flaws!that’s the real essence of love!!

  8. Can’t even think of anything t̶̲̥̅̊ø̲̣̣̥ write!………you’ve said it all……buh if am after looking for the girl of м̣̣̥̇̊Ɣ dreams……. м̣̣̥̇̊Ɣ sister….. I̶̲̥̅̊. Can never leave м̣̣̥̇̊Ɣ standard!!!

  9. the thing abt love is that it wipes away all imperfections, so if one is nt in llove he can see all the imperfections. thats how i see it. And anyway i like the way you wrote about your boyfriend,, not many girls can appreciate their man like that. Bravo girl!

  10. Yeeeeaaahhh it happens mainly to we guys looking for chelsea and barca with figure 8 and no pimples looool, I knw it hard to find the perfect buh we should learn to accept which ever partner will end up with………

  11. I think it’s a general life problem. The dilemma; should we dare to dream or just accept what life deals us? Personally, I think we should do the proverbial hope for the best and prepare for the worst. I pray I find cindarella but I will accept a fiona that truly loves me.

  12. Ferocious and funny. This is a tantalising story and a discussion on what i am going through currently, and not to dismiss the fact that it presents my practical way of living. Quote on quote from one of your written phase”I have found my imperfect reflection and I am comfortable with all the rough curves and edges.”This helps me to be a settled minded living person and thereby reduces my anxiety , stress, depression and the seven deadly emotional hangovers and therefore places me on GRATITUDE mode. Great job my dear.

  13. I’m sure this comment is coming rather belatedly, but I’d still post anyways.
    True, it doesn’t make much sense (maybe none at all) to set very high standards (sometimes, unreasonable) but there are some basic standards one must set!! For example, if you have a gf/bf that can be comfortable for 3 days without calling or texting you, then you haven’t found anything. behavioural standards are the most important and if ‘the one’ doesn’t meet them, NEVER compromise. Cos no matter how much you try to love them, they won’t do the basic things right. You can always manage without the manCHESTer and BARCA or ‘Tall, Dark and Handsome (TDH) but you can’t manage without the right behaviour.

  14. There’s nothing wrong wit settin standards, its like a map †☺ navigate a course and †☺ not av one wud be detrimental but one must also remember dat der can be different ways leadin †☺ a particular destination. Its not about findin d perfect girl or guy but finding d one who Ȋ̝̊̅§ perfect for you.
    Beautiful write up by d way and A̶̲̥̅♏ happy for u

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