Till I Find…

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By: @mercysuga_rush


Without further ado, I present to you;


Till I Find

By: @teebabsy


I adjust the edges of my gown, I brush my hair and apply the finishing touches to my make up. I’m almost late so I have to hurry.

Its Cynthia’s wedding today and I was forced to be her maid of honor. She’s the only friend I have and I couldn’t turn it down.

Don’t get me wrong, I am happy for her, I’m just not a believer in the fairy tale ending. There is no such thing as happily ever after in my own world.

“Love” “Soul mate” “The One”… Do they really exist?? I grew up doubting the existence of such terms.

I wonder if there’s really someone out there that I would grow to love and cherish so much that I would want to spend the rest of my life with.

Is it possible that someone, somewhere in this world would be able to understand me better than anyone else??

Is it possible that someone out there would do anything or go to any length just to be with me??

The tale of love amongst the Penguins fascinates me. A male Penguin searches the whole beach to find a perfect pebble to present to that special female Penguin that has captured his heart.

Once its found, he places it right in front of her, just like a proposal. The thought that such love and commitment exists between mere animals intrigues me and gives me hope.

But then the Doubts come haunting me once again. Is it even possible that someone out there would love me enough to heal the scars so deep in my heart??

Does that word called love exist?? What is “Love” in its real sense??

Is it the butterflies you get when he’s around?? Is it the feeling of his lips on yours? Is it the pleasure you get from being in his arms? Or is it the definition given in the Bible (1st Corinthians 13 vs 4-8)??

The definition of love there amazes me. Is it possible for one to be capable of all that just because of another person???

The possibility simply eludes me.

Why am I so cynical?? You might ask, but I have been exposed to a lot of hurt and pain.


Betrayed by those I call family, I was sold off by my father during one of his card games. He was rather fond of gambling and after a series of rounds and there were no more funds, I was the perfect wager.

In the twinkle of an eye, I was being dragged away by a short, fat, strange looking man with his alcohol stench clouding my nostrils. My Mother and siblings quietly watched. She would have been beaten to a pulp if she had objected.

I became a Slave girl at the tender of Eight to the Karimu family. I was the one to do all the chores and then each night He would come and “have” me. He robbed me of my innocence and when I saw the blood stained sheets, I didn’t fully understand till I became a teenager.

There I was alone, helpless and clueless. One rainy day at age twelve, I summoned enough courage and I ran as fast as I could. I ran and never looked back. I did various menial jobs to survive and with that I raised some funds I used to send myself to a lesson and I took my common entrance.

I did extremely well but there was no one to sponsor me further. I struggled and saw myself through secondary and university education juggling three to four jobs. I had no friends, where I come from no one is to be trusted.

If my own father, a blood relative would abandon me in my time of need, why would a total stranger be any different?
So I shut myself from the world or anyone.


I met cynthia during my service year and I don’t know how she did it but she wriggled her way into being the only friend I had even till now.

She introduced me to her fiancee Tolu. They had been dating for so many years and when he finally proposed she had asked me to be her maid of honor. I refused at first but she never took no for an answer.

“You would learn to love again,” she often told me.


So here I am preparing for the wedding. I step out of my room and walk down the hallway. Taking a left, I open the door to her room to meet her.

She looks very beautiful and regal in her white wedding gown. She’s all smiles and laughter. I must admit there’s this glow that I hadn’t noticed before. She’s just so happy.

I hand over the bouquet to her and she gives me a hug.

“Its time”, she says.

“Let’s go get you married”, I replied.


Music fills the hallway and the door opens. The crowd stands up as she makes her entrance. She’s the cynosure of all eyes. I have never seen Cynthia look that beautiful.

I look over my shoulder to the groom Tolu and the look in his eyes with every step she takes, warms my heart.

He looks at her, smiling with tears in his eyes. The look was that of satisfaction, the one you get when you find something priceless that belongs to only you.

She finally stands beside him and he whispers in her ears;

“Is it all you imagined it to be?”

“No, its even much more”, she replies.

They face the Pastor who reads them their vows and I watch them recite it. They finally seal it up with a kiss.

Through it all, I’m mesmerised. The sincerity in their eyes could not be mistaken and then I recognise a longing for such which I had never noticed before.

They walk out of the church and its time for the wishes and good bye hugs.

She turns to me, hugs me and then says;

“Your love is out there waiting for you. When it comes knocking, give it a chance. I have found my special someone, I hope you find yours too”

And with that they step into the car and they drive off.

I smile with tears in my eyes and in that moment for the first time ever I think to myself, maybe there is someone out there for me after all.

I guess I’d just keep waiting until I find…


With Sugary Love…


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