Second Fiddle

Yo!!! Its Teebabsy


Hope y’all are doing great??

In case y’all haven’t heard, something out of this world is going to be happening on the 20th of this month at Unilag Main Auditorium!!!

*drumrolls please*


Its Alien Nation Dance Crew’s first Epic Concert titled “Ikechi’s Covenant”. Its going to be a dance concert like you have never seen it before. We bringing down the house y’all!! Ticket- 1k Time- 3.30 & 5.30pm. Also Featuring Nikki Laoye & Pita!


Don’t say I didn’t tell y’all!! See y’all there!!


Without Further Ado, I present to you;


Second Fiddle

By: @teebabsy


The sun rays filter in through the curtains
I watch as he tosses and turns
He’s the most beautiful sight I’ve ever come across
He’s the one my heart had always chosen
He’s always been the perfect match for me

My heart is filled with so much love as
He’s the one I’d always adore
Being with him is never a chore
He completes me in every way.

Life a thief in the night, he comes
Making his way into my house
But hurries out each morning
To the one who he truly belongs to

With each visit, new heights of passion
And pleasure are attained
We stay up all night, talk and laugh
But before the break of dawn
He sneaks out the same way he came

Our relationship is a secret
That’s been buried nine years
As he belongs to another
But my heart longs for no other
I do not care of his wife or kids
Without him, my world is amiss


He had once been mine
In those days of youthful bliss
A diamond ring he had given me
But I had been terrified of marriage
I had loved him but was scared of what
That love would do so I shut it out

My mother did love my father
But he had walked out on us for my aunt when I was three
That sight is forever evergreen
My mother was distraught
A shadow of herself she became
Countless times, she tried ending her life
Simply because her love was thrown at her face

Why would I be any different?
I had thought
The same blood runs through our veins
I might just be cursed with the same fate
To risk such hurt, I couldn’t
So I fled the morning after his proposal

So many men I met after
But none had compared to him
They had all fallen short
Then it struck me
I had lost my soul mate because I was
Scared to take a chance on love

Fate brought us together again
I had been so excited
But sadly enough he had moved on
He now belonged to another
But his heart was still mine
It had never left

One thing led to another and I was in his arms again
It felt like I had never left
I realised no one else would ignite
These kind of feelings ever again


He opens his eyes now and looks at me
Realising its morning, he hurriedly gets up
Its time to leave
Sadness engulfs my heart
But a smile is plastered on my face
He dresses up and looks at me
Lovingly brushing his lips with mine
My body tingles all over

I don’t care what the world thinks
I have found that which makes my heart sing
I have accepted my twisted fate
And so I start my day awaiting his return
He is that which makes me happy
and I’m content knowing a second fiddle I would forever be…


With Sugary Love…

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6 thoughts on “Second Fiddle

  1. Being a second fiddle or “side chick” is one of the worlds most depressing roles. Because you belong to one who doesn’t belong to you. However “love” they say make people do stupid things.

    And cheating with him never makes him yours.

  2. She’s really a second fiddle and I find it fiddle to see or hear or say “they’re incomplete without someone” anyway, I enjoy your diction and sentences such as “That sight is forever evergreen” and “without him, my world is amiss” Another very great written job and l am truly proud of you. I guess it runs in the family. Looking back to your grandma’s era (my MOTHER) who happened to be a great writer indeed, to your dad a very successful Attorney, to all of her children, from brother Tunji, brother Lawuyi, myself, to Agnes, to Dada, to Theresa and also looking back and going through Oredeins all display remarkable writer skills. Bravo to you Temitope Babaoye. Muuuuaaaaaaaah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

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