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I present….
Bank of America Merrill Lynch!!!

One of the world’s leading financial institutions is back in Nigeria for the BAML Open Day to give UNDERGRADUATES a peek into internship and full time opportunities in their London and New York offices.

For more info on how to attend the event, visit


Contact the University of Ibadan Bank of America Merrill Lynch Brand Ambassadors for more info:

Mercy Emmanuel – @MercySuga_Rush 08169951292 ,

Ogundiran Teslim – @Teslim_TOT , teslimogundiran@yahoo.mail, 07030240330

Adelani Opeyemi – @scem_ope , +2348032801527

Adeyefa Toluwani – +2348098136838

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The Knacking Phenomenon

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Without further ado, I present to you;


The Knacking Phenomenon

By: @_HaardToPleasE


Errm..clears throat…

All contents of the below story are completely fiction, or almost. Every resemblance to real persons or actions, is entirely coincidental or maybe not sha


Oh, and if your name happens to be Chidi, and you happen to be tall, fair and cute, and you know an ‘Uche’, oh well, sorry then.


Oya, now, to the Knacking matter. Enjoy.

I smiled playfully, as I slowly wriggled my hips, and perched astride Chidi, straddling him.

Chidi was the latest boyfriend, he was the definition of cute. You know all those built, tall, fair and handsome kind of guys, and this was our first intense make out session.

Today would determine if he was knackable or not, but I had faith in the boy. With that kind of body, he had to be extremely knackable. I put my palms underneath his shirt, softly cooed into his ears,

 ” Hey handsome” and bit his ears just as softly.

He smiled at me through heavily lidded eyes, and I had to still his hands as he reached for my top, almost impatiently.

  “Patience, boo boo.”

I proceeded to dish out my appetizer special, raining little kisses all over his face, neck and chest, with an occasional tongue, all the while wriggling my body against his.

” Arrgh!, Uche… “

He panted, placing his large hands around my hips.

 ” Babe, you are so…arrrh…you are so…”

Hot, good…sexy?, I mentally completed for him. I smiled warmly, and I’d not even started with him, this one is an easy one, I thought to myself.

I had been called ‘hot’ since I started growing boobs, knew the word ‘kiss’ and what it meant. From the time I was twelve, somehow, I had gotten acquainted with knacking and all its mysteries.

I’d devour my aunties’ collections of ‘Cosmo’, paying attention to article headings like; ” 10 places to touch him to make him bark like a dog”, and “20 ways to make him turn into a vegatable” to “250 moves, anywhere, anyhow.”

I was also a big fan of Harlequin, Mills and Boon, and Silhouette, waking up in the middle of the night to read romance novels without disturbance or distractions. My parents’ ‘Kamasutra’ and ‘The art of Loving'( which I found hidden behind their closet) was an added bonus.

Believe me, It was psychologically traumatic to discover my parents were that ‘kinky’, and I didn’t even want to start imagining stuff. I was so fascinated by the book, that I didn’t mind the fact that you had to turn the book some 180 degrees to look at some pages.

Once, during class, in SS1, I’d popped a banana into my mouth–and had unconsciously, licked the sides with the tip of my tongue–when I saw the faces of a few of the guys in my class. Their eyes literally popped. And this was way before we even knew what ‘banana’ truly repped.

I gave them my signature innocent look, with a little smile playing on my lips.
Boys, sha.

So, It came as no surprise that when I had my first boyfriend, the poor guy, after a few makeout sessions, labeled me a potential nymphomaniac, and practically worshiped me because according to him, I had great potential. We never actually had sex though, but I practiced most of my knowledge on him, as much as I could without actually doing IT.

IT being Knacking

Once during a particular intense makeout, he had groaned,

 “If we ever end up married, Uche, I’ll need extra help in satisfying you in 3 extra guys.”

It gave me a sense of satisfaction knowing that I could have a sort of effect on someone with just my body. Armed with all that knowledge and experience, I ventured out into the real world. I knew stuff from “How to look at him to make him melt” and “pressing his mumu button” to ” Oozing sexiness unconsciously” and boy, did I.

It was amusing having guys eat from the palm of my hand, without them knowing why, and it was equally fascinating knowing what they wanted before they even knew it. I knew all the signs of a guy just wanting ‘some’ and knew how to stylishly not give him any.

One major thing though, is I wasn’t promiscuous. For me, it was No knacking unless I really liked the dude, was in a relationship with the dude, and the potential knackee was extremely hot. Those 3 criteria were very important. As a learned Knacker, you’ve got to have some sort of rules. The thing was I reveled in my sexuality and I loved it.

By the time I finally knacked for the first time–with a guy who had claimed to be an expert at it–between the eventual tangle of arms and limbs, we couldn’t exactly decide who had just been disvirgined between us both. I knew then that I had the Knacking phenomenon on lockdown.

I realized Knacking is an art, and the art is not for everybody. Anyone can shout and wail and make whatever noise during IT, heck 90% of the time, those sounds are fake. Yep, sorry to burst your bubble guys, but babes fake half the time while Knacking.

So, stop thinking all those well timed moans and ‘E dey sweet me’ screams are entirely due to your ‘expertise’. I can’t start explaining why babes do it, they sha do it.

It’s not just about carrying yourself and jumping up and down on top of someone else, or lying down like a bag of garri under some dude..

Like I said, Knacking is an art.


Back to the Knackability matter…

Chidi and I had somehow graduated to the ‘topless’ stage; with my tongue all over his chest and belly, and him, making weird noises beneath me.
Ok, I get groans and all from a guy, more than half the time,it shows you are on the right path. But all those shrill sounds and squeaky noises were a total turn-off.

I sneaked a look at him, his eyes were shut tight, and his face was some shade of red. Dude looked like he was having some sort of seizure. I almost started getting bothered, this wasn’t a good moment for the dude to pass out. The boy was becoming unknackable by the moment.

 “Chidi, are you ok?..”, I bit my lips, ” do you want to chill a bit?”

 His “NO! baby, I don’t want to chill!”, was resounding.

I shrugged, well, if he fainted, I’d just pour water on him and leave. I proceeded to unbuckle his belt, and my eyes nearly popped at the vision before me. I managed a squeaky,

 ” Oh man.”

He grinned, jutting out his hips at me. I swallowed, holding his ‘thing’ between my thumb and forefinger, in its fullest glory. 

It looked like a BABY CARROT!!!

All the knackabilty was gone…pfffft! Shot to pieces.

I cleared my throat, roamed my hands around his chest and bent to the side of his head, flicked my tongue around his cute little ear, and slowly whispered,

 “Chidi, I’m going to knack you senseless….later.”, as I reached for my bag…

With Sugary Love…



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The Dilemma

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Without further Ado, I present to you the first part of;


The Dilemma

By: @teebabsy


Number 24 Kogberegbe street was the most popular house in the whole Aguda area. It was not only popular because of its funny name and structure but also because it had the most tenants in the area.

The compound was a large one with three houses of a storey building each. It was painted chocolate brown and cream. It consisted of 3 to 4 bedroom flats per each side of the house. The tenants were from different Ethnic tribes and facets of life.

They all tried as much as possible to meddle into the affairs of the other and to prove why one was better than the other. It was fun living here, Miss Onugbo thought to herself.


It was a sunny afternoon and Miss florence Onugbo decided to sit on her verandah to receive some cool breeze. She was a beautiful woman in her late twenties who loved to enjoy life to the fullest, this included having numerous men on her list.

She never dated a guy at a time, it was a minimum of four. There was the boo (her present fiancee), the back up plan (in case boo fucked up), the provider (aka the mugu), then the punisher (to treat people’s fuck ups) A girl’s got to be sharp, she thought.

Her mother should be back in a few hours time. She was tired of her incessant complaints regarding the way she lived her life!! She scowled as she felt the all too familiar pain in her stomach. She had been stooling for the past week now, it had started like a joke till it got out of hand.

Coupled with the stooling, she felt her tummy rumble occasionally. She had gone to the hospital to get some drugs, she had been relieved but it was just for a little while, the pain was back.

“I have to go see the doctor again” she thought to herself.

Before she could complete that thought, the pain increased and suddenly she couldn’t bear it anymore, she was screaming for help.


Mrs Kamoru stood on the balcony looking outside from her house to see if her husband was anywhere in sight. It was a privilege to be the Landlord’s wife. Moving her shoulders side ways, she adjusted her wrapper. It was fun to be in control she thought.

A woman in her late 30’s with three kids for her husband. She had been through quite a lot with her husband. A matron in the famous Havannah hospital. Over the years, she had gradually carved a niche for herself as being a very reliable and competent person.

“I’m sure he’s somewhere with another silly girl” she said to herself and then hissed.

Mr kamoru was rather fond of young girls especially the light skinned ones with big backsides. She was tired of constantly shouting and nagging, she had decided to let him be. She was of the belief that he could do whatever he wanted as long as he took care of her children and didn’t bring any of those “brats” to their home.

Her thoughts were quickly interupted by screams from the flat below hers. It belonged to the Onugbos. Like a typical yoruba woman, she adjusted her head gear and ran downstairs. On getting to the apartment, she found Miss Onugba lying on the floor lifeless.

“Eh!! Mogbe Modaran” she screamed.

She hurriedly called the others and rushed her to the hospital.


Havannah hosptial was probably the best in the whole surulere area. Known for its massive laboratories and state of the art equipment. Doctor Onabanjo and Doctor Akhivie were the best doctors at hand and they were also tenants at No 24 kogberegbe street.

They were on their way for their lunch break when they saw their neighbour, Florence being rushed into the hospital with their Landlady.

“What happened”? Doctor Akhivie asked.

“I don’t know ooo” she answered.

She was rushed into the emergency room and Mrs kamoru waited.

Some hours later, both doctors came out both wearing grim looks.

“How is she?? What is wrong?” Mrs kamoru asked.

They both looked at each other and kept mute. Doctor Onabanjo was the first to speak.

” We had to run further tests after checking her details with us. The result of the blood test is out and It saddens me to say this but Florence is HIV POSITIVE! We have been able to stabilise her and she’s in recovery”

“Eh!!Hiv Kini??Ori mi oooo” Mrs kamoru lamented.

“we would meet at home” Doctor Onabanjo said.


Florence opened her eyes and the first thing she noticed were the bright lights. She closed them back before gradually releasing them. She didn’t know where she was but she felt very weak.

An unfamiliar figure was hovering over her. On close concentration, she realised it was doctor Onabanjo, her neighbour.

“Where am I?” She asked.

“You are in my hospital, you passed out and was rushed here”

“Ok” she said faintly.

“So doctor what is wrong with me”? She asked

“Ermmm, the truth is that you are HIV positive. I’m truly sorry”.

On hearing the words, she burst into tears. What would I do??how would I cope??so I’m dying she thought to herself. This can’t be possible.

For a minute, she paused. It was then it struck her, She hurriedly sat up on the bed. It was more worrisome than what she had just heard.

She had sex with her landlord a few days ago!! What was even worse, it was UNPROTECTED!!! She shrivelled at the thought of the truth already glaring her in the face.

Not only was her fiancee at risk but her landlord and the other 3 should also have something to worry about. They could all be HIV positive.

How do I tell them this?? Especially my landlord!! You have really done it this time flo! She thought to herself. Though the situation was grim, she had to spill the beans. It just had to be done….

With Sugary love…


Grease 10- The Plan

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There’s a lot in store for y’all. For all lovers of Grease, its back on every Friday.


You all should still anticipate;


Sexting- The Conversation


Its in its final stage. Anticipate also on the 18th of August;


The Dilemma


Without further ado, I present to u;


Grease Episode 10- The Plan.


“Fuck it! Shit!! Dammit!”

Jola had exhaused every swear word in her dictionary. She thought about how stupid she had been and it irritated her the more. She had had unprotected sex with Victor and now there were no morning after pills left. She really needed to get a hold of herself, it was unlike her to make such a costly mistake as she often praised herself as a “sharp” babe, she was “always prepared” just like the Girl guide motto goes.

If Anita got to know about this, she would be teased for a very long time.
“I’ve still got 24 hours left” with that she consoled herself. She was placing back all the items she had flung out in her wild hunt for the pills when Anita came into the room.

“Babes how far now?” Anita said as she sat on the bed.

“I’m okay ooo”, Jola replied.

“Ehen come and give me the gist now”.

“Calm down na, I dey run away?” Anita replied.

This one that you’re searching the cabinet, what are you looking for? Jola ignored the question and shut the cabinet door.

“Tell me what I asked you and I would give you the answer to what you wanna know”.

Anita narrated her whole ordeal and Jola sat listening with her eyes and ears wide open.

“Ehen, I didn’t know that nigga is a douche bag oooo! Anyways we’ve got to treat his fuck up big time”.

“Trust me now, I never dull. I don call alaye since. He said we should come and see him by one today”, Anita said.

Jola looked at her Cartier wristwatch. It was 12:50 which meant they had just 10 minutes left.

“Let’s hurry then as we are almost late”.

Hurriedly Jola dressed up and both of them left the room.


Chuks adjusted his glasses and focused on the people swarming around him. He was seated on the bonnet of his car, a red Cross Tour while the 3 others were inside with the doors wide open. He coughed a little and with that he put out his cigarette.

He really wasn’t in the habit of waiting for people, it just happened that the babe was his person. He had been trying to figure out a way to get Anita to consider him and this might just be the perfect chance. Doing her a favour would make her feel grateful to him. A feeling of gratitude was a start.

His friends called him “Alaye”. He should have graduated this year but he had an extra year. He knew the movers and shakers on campus. No one dared to step on his toes. No soul on campus would ever hear the name “Alaye” and not tremble except the JJC’s (freshers).

He and his group protected those they cared about regardless of the position of the offender. He was surprised when Anita had called him. He gladly accepted the offer. He was about to drive off when he saw that figure that drove him nuts. She was here.

“Alaye how far na”

“Anita abeg free me, you don start be that!You go dey make persin wait all the time” Chuks replied.

“I’m sorry” “I don hear you”, he replied.

“Jola how body?” “I’m good”, she replied.

Anita then narrated the whole story to Alaye. He chuckled at some point and then later pulled himself together.

“Na trap we go set for am. E be like say the boy head need Manual reset, if I handle am for 10 mins, his sense go return. Just call him and say u want to see him, you let me know the place and time”.

“Thank you Alaye”, Anita replied. He zoomed off after that.


Anita then dialled Bode. After three rings, he picked up.

“Hello, what is it??”

“Baby are you now angry??I’m sorry now, you know I love you and I hate it when we fight. Let’s see to talk about this” Anita replied.

I’m out of town now, would be back in three days. Let’s hook up 3pm saturday, would come pick you up.

“Ok baby”, Anita said

Bode smiled as he dropped the phone. I knew she’d call sooner or later, I’m going to have my way this time, he thought.
If only he knew what awaited him…


On their way to the room, Jola insisted on stopping by the school chemist. Anita kept on bugging her till Jola gave in and told her what happened. Anita teased her all the way to the chemist. She finally got the pills with a bottle of water and they were on the way back to the room when Jola’s phone rang, it was Bisi.

“Babes where are u guys? there’s Soc class now and the man is giving 10 marks attendance”

“We are on our way”, Jola replied.

Jola relayed the message to Anita and they dashed to the lecture theatre.

On getting there, the whole room was filled and people were still rushing in as the information had spread like wildfire. Anita sighted Bisi in the third row in front and they both went to her, she had reserved seats for them. They quickly sat down and waited for the lecturer to arrive. He walked in few minutes later and was greeted by the class.

Mr Odunola was a rather funny looking man. His protruding belly and short legs didn’t help matters as he was short and on the large side. He often walked like he was being dragged along by a stronger force. He was strict and everyone tried not to get in his bad books. He was backing the class receiving a call when Jola remembered, she hadn’t used her pills.

She brought them out from the bag, opened the pack and the two tablets fell into her palms. She opened the water and popped the pills into her mouth. She was about to drink the water when she heard;

“You there, stand up and explain to the class what you are doing”

She looked up and was face to face with Mr odunola.

Davido’s Gobe song rang loudly in her ears…

With Sugary love…