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“Michelle! Michelle! Please where are you? I am stuck at 3rd Mainland bridge. Please come and pick me”, Anita hurriedly said, as she slowed down her pace, for her to speak properly.

“Wait!!! You are in Lag and you didn’t tell me ehn?? And what in fuck’s name are you doing at 3rd Mainland bridge, in the night??”, Michelle’s voice sounded stronger, with a stint of sarcasm, lacing her words.

“Michelle, I can’t explain right now, some car is chasing me! The boy I came with to Lag, dumped me here! Please come and get me!!!”, the panic in Anita’s voice picked up, as she saw the car approaching again.

“Please!”, Anita picked up her pace a little more faster.

Michelle jumped up from her bed, cursing with every word that came to her. She could sense the danger and urgency in Anita’s voice. If it was one thing she knew, is that Anita doesn’t exactly make up stories.
Michelle picked up her car keys, and wore her slippers. Thought about wearing a bra, but decided against it, it probably make her feel uncomfortable, and take more time.

MIchelle walked out of the front door, and to her ol’ faithful Toyota Hiace.


Anita began to run faster as the car came closer. She looked up, and could see some men touchlight’s flashing a little way off. The Nigerian Police usual mid-night patrol team, or better put the Nigerian Police, Mid-night money collecting team,
In as much as Anita hated the Police with every fibre in her, she remembered that during their very boring adverts on TV, they all add “The Police is your friend”. Today, she would take them up on that friendship.

“Heez! Heez! Who goes there?”, one of the five policemen shouted as Anita was running closer to them,

“One more step and I will shoot you o!”, The Policeman continued coming towards her, raising his probably over loaded gun at her.

“Oga! Abeg! Don’t shoot! I’m not a thief o! They are chasing me”, Anita shrieked as the Policeman came closer, and she stayed fixed to her point.
Death by shooting wasn’t exactly her dream way of dying.

“Mutiu! What’s happening there?”, The pot-bellied Police man asked.
He probably was the Head of this patrol unit, Anita calculated in her mind.

“Na this ashawo wey dey waka for here ni”, Mutiu concluded with the logically occupation that would bring a girl alone to 3rd Mainland bridge at night.

“Oga, I no be ashawo. They are chasing me ni”, Anita tried to explain to him and her pulled her roughly towards the pot-bellied man.

“And the girl fine o!”, another of the Policemen added as Mutiu brought her to their Head, the pot-bellied man.

“Wetin you dey find for here tonight? You be ashawo?” The pot-bellied asked Anita, with his eyes roaming around her body, and the lust obviously dripping from him.

“Oga, some boys are chasing me! That car wey dey come now”, Anita said pointing to the direction of the car as it approached them.

“Why them dey chase you? You steal from them?” He inquired further, still visually undressing her.

“No o! I swear I no be thief!”

“Mutiu, stop that vehicle”, the Team Head instructed.

“Hey stop there!” Mutiu said, putting the usual stick of nails in front and at the back of the car, so that any form of movement would cost them their tires.

“Oga, how far na?! How work dey go?” The male voice in the car, spoke to Mutiu.

“Come down from your car! That girl wey dey there talk say you dey chase am”, Mutiu instructed, the man in the driver’s seat.

As the man came down, Anita was in panic. Jola was right, it was Tunji @Raggedtag. She remembered his face from his avi.

“Oga Constable, I no dey chase this ashawo o! She collect my money, we never even do sef, she con dey run away,” Tunji lied, frowning and pointing towards Anita, in a manner that was so hard to detect the lie.

“Ehen! So she be ashawo! I talk am”, Mutiu said as he walked Tunji to his Team head.

“Oga, he talk say she be ashawo and she never even do am, wen she collect him money, run”, Mutiu reported to the pot-bellied, looking at Anita with disgust.

“So you be ashawo. Sebi, I asked you just now, and you said you no be ashawo”, pot-belly confronted Anita.
“You even talk say, you no steal anything from am, no be him dey here so?” pot-belly was getting angry.

“Oga I swear I no be ashawo! And I didn’t collect any money from him! Oga I swear. ”

“Liar! Give my money back o!” Tunji shouted at her. If Anita wasn’t mistaken, she could see an evil grin curling up Tunji’s lips.

“Shut up! You asked you to talk”, Mutiu shouted at Tunji.

At that moment, Anita’s phone rang, she hurried picked up.

“Where are you?”, Michelle asked

“At the police check point, please come here fast! Its getting out of hands”, Anita whispered into the phoned, afraid that the Police officer’s could seize her phone.

“Okay, I can see the flashlights. I’m coming”.
Michelle hung up, and stepped alittle harder on accelerator.

“Wetin be your name sef, you this girl?” pot-belly asked.

“Anita sir, Anita”

“Talk true now, or you go jail. You know this man?”

“I swear, I don’t know him”

“Liar!” Tunji retorted again.

“You no dey hear word?! I say make you no say anything? You dey craze”, Mutiu flared at Tunji

“Bros, if you talk again, Isha Allah I will lock you up”, Pot-belly warned Tunji.

“Ehen you, Anita, abi wetin be your name, why you dey this road for this night?”

“Oga, its a long story. Me and my…”

“Who goes there?!”, Mutiu shouted at the approaching vechicle, cutting Anita off from her explanation.

The Toyota Hiace packed and Michelle got out. On seeing, DCO Saheed, she mentally bitch-slapped herself for no wearing a bra.

“My Officer, my officer!” Michelle walked passed Mutiu and straight to DCO Saheed, the pot-bellied man.

“Michelle baby! Sexy mama! This one wey I see you today na wa o!” DCO Saheed, held Michelle possessively by the waist and pulled her close to hm.

“Baby girl, where are you going to? You no no say e too early to dey waka up and down?” He looked at his wrist watch the time read 3:26am

“Darling, I came to pick my friend, she is stranded here.” Michelle used her beautifully fixed french nails to gently stroke his face.

“This girl is your friend?”, DCO Saheed asked, enjoying the stroking.


“But this boy talk say she be ashawo na!,” Mutiu grumbled.

“She no be ashawo, no mind this agbero boy, he dey find free yansh,” Michelle strolled her hands to his chest…errr…breast, more like.

“Baby mishi, when I go see you na?” DCO Saheed asked, obviously losing interest in the Anita case.

“Let me take my friend home, dress up and I will come to your office”
Michelle said coyly.

“My baby girl, don’t dull me o”, DCO Saheed already considered the option Michelle had given him.

“Have I ever dulled you before?” Her hands working wonders on his thinking.

Releasing her waist from his grip, he looked at Anita.

“Na God save you o! You no say to be ashawo na crime. Thank God say you get better friend like Michelle. Oya dey go”, DCO Saheed concluded.

“But oga….this boy nko?” Mutiu asked

“This one go pay fine! He dey lie”, DCO Saheed frowned as he looked at Tunji

Anita and Michelle got into her car, and Michelle started the engine.

“Michelle! Thank you soooo much! You saved my life! Oh God! Thank you!”, as tears strolled down Anita’s face, She gave Michelle a tight hug.

“Okay! Before you crack my bones let’s get out of here. And you, start spilling the beans”, Michelle smiled at her crying friend as she stepped on the accelerator.


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GREASE: Episode 6 – RESCUE

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Anita could not believe what was happening to her, here she was stranded in the middle of 3rd Mainland bridge by this hour. How the hell was she going to get out of this fix?!


2:34am (*) \m/Barbßreed:


Where are you?!

This bloody network! Babes where are you?

Bode has some demented plan for you with that Tunji nigga, @Raggedtag on Twitter.


Anita’s phone had a sudden surge of life as the network became better, and Jola’s pings began to roll in.


2:36am @>– Mz Svelte<3:

Babes, I’m in shit! Bode left me at 3rd Mainland bridge!

2:37am (*) \m/Barbßreed:

OMG! You dint sleep with him! Shit!!!

2:38am @>– Mz Svelte<3:

What are you saying??! What is going on???!!

2:39am (*) \m/Barbßreed:

That bastard Bode made some sicko plan with that Tunji nigga.

He said that if you don’t sleep with him he would drop you at a place where Tunji and his cohorts can come and as the bitch put it “Chop freely”

2:40am @>– Mz Svelte<3:

Oh my god! What do I do now?!
How do you know?

2:41am (*) \m/Barbßreed:

Tunji is that Victor’s friend.

Victor that boy that just bought a new car.

I’m in his house. Don’t ask me, how.

I was using his phone to tweet, when I realized that another person’s twitter account was opened on his phone.
In my normal style, I went straight to the nigga’s dms and that’s how I saw all these.

2:42am @>– Mz Svelte<3:

I’m screwed! See my life! What the hell do I do now?! Jola, I’m stranded and afraid.

2:43am (*) \m/Barbßreed:

Call Michelle, she lives at Gbagada
Let her come and pick you.

Tunji would probably be on his way now, if he is not already there.

2:44am @>– Mz Svelte<3:

I’m scared!
Okay, I’d call her now.


With her hands trembling as a leaf in the wind, she brought out her Iphone and began to scroll for Michelle’s number.
She dialled it, and received the generic tone that indicated that the line could not be accessed at the moment.
Anita’s heart pounded faster, as she dialed the number more times.
She looked up from her phone, her fingers still trying to make the phone call.
She saw the headlights of an oncoming vehicle flashing at her.

Anita’s heart tripled its beating rate, and with a sudden surge of adrenaline. She began to run.

Her hands continued to call, Michelle’s number.

The phone rang….

A sleepy and drowsy voice came from the other end of the line.

“Hello babe, why are you calling so fucking early? It better be good”, Michelle’s voice came sluggishly from the receiver.

With Sugary Love